I have many snowmen for the holiday/winter season, I tend to call them all frosty!

This was inspired by a frosty colouring picture I seen but I left the flower off of his hat, I prefer more primitive farmhouse type style and the flower didn’t fit the look I wanted.

You could find a flower pattern and hot glue it on if you want a more authentic frosty looking hanging.

I purchased a few pant hangers while out thrifting I love them to hang my fiber art hangings, I have also found them at Dollar Stores.

This hangs on a wooden ladder I made a few years ago, you can click HERE for the for instructions to build one of your own, they are so much fun to decorate for the seasons

If you find any mistakes in the pattern let me know in the comments below and I will fix them.

I have just started to digitize them all

Click on the photo for the pattern

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