Being of Portuguese heritage fish was a big part of my diet growing up, rather it what was put on my plate often, and left on my plate as often lol.

I’m not sure how it even happened, one day as a young adult I woke up loving fish!
I think it started with missing my dad’s Albacore Tuna Steaks, one of the few fish I actually enjoyed as a kid.

When dad was alive he was only one phone call away for some cooked tuna delivery, who needs skip the dishes when you have home cooking!

Salmon is now one of my favorite fish, it wasn’t one I ever had growing up but somehow it became my favorite as an adult.

In the past I’ve marinated it and baked or grilled it but a family fave that my father in law ( who by the way won’t eat fish! Lol) makes for his fish lovers is how I now make it.

Bread Crumb Coated Salmon

Bread crumbs…we use Italian flavor

( Sometimes now I do gluten free pieces for myself by simply substituting Club House lemon and herb spices for the crumbs)

1 egg mixed with a tad of water for every 4 fillets
Salmon fillets (we buy Kirkland at Costco. Wild caught)

Vegetable oil and a pan for frying ( I love my cast iron pan)

Cookie sheet

Parchment paper and a grilling/broiler rack LIKE THIS ONE

( no affiliation to Amazon, just use it often for reference, and shop there a lot lol)

On a Parchment paper lined cookie sheet place your broiler rack and turn the oven onto 350

Simply take your salmon fillets dip them in the egg mix on both sides and then the same into the crumbs.

Fry in hot oil over medium –high heat, approximately 4 mins per side ( until golden)

Transfer the cooked fillets onto the rack, when they are all fried place the cookie sheet in the oven and cook for 15 to 20 minutes longer.

We serve ours with French Fries and coleslaw, I only like the oil and vinegar type of coleslaw, no creamy cabbage for this girl!

Served on a vintage Noritake China plate. I picked up 4 of these for $5 a few months ago.

I like fresh lemon juice squeezed over my cooked salmon.

A quick “fish sauce” if you prefer that, is some mayonnaise with chopped up dill pickles and some pickle juice to taste. I make this on the fly sometimes for battered cod, it is mostly to taste.
You want the consistency to be approximately half of what mayo is, but if you like less or more pickle juice, adjust accordingly, maybe even using water to thin with the juice.









  1. That looks yummy and that boat is so cute.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dandelion B says:

      Thank you…it is so yummy if I do say so myself…must be good when the kids get excited when they ask whats for dinner and I say salmon lol


  2. Michelle says:

    That looks delicious! I’ve never been a big fan of fish, but I do love salmon and battered cod. 🙂


    1. Dandelion B says:

      we love battered cod and cod cakes! funny my son is the same, he only likes a few fish but loves his salmon.


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