I’ve kept myself busy making greeting cards, to keep my mind occupied and the ugly crying down to a minimum. If you don’t know what ugly crying is, it’s when your eyes are so red you look like your severely infected with something, its’ when you’re not sure whats running more your eyes or yourContinue reading “WINTER THEMED VALENTINES”


If you read yesterday’s post you already know yesterday my youngest who currently has the flu and I spent the day watching Christmas home videos and I made some ornaments. These ornaments were inspired by projects I seen on the facebook group Glue Gun Groupies and fellow bloggers here. On the Facebook group I seenContinue reading “2018 HANDMADE ORNAMENTS”


Its already the middle of October and If your like me you’ve already started Christmas crafts. Today I am sharing a wooden coffin shaped wreath stand. This works up in an afternoon and by now Halloween wreaths are highly discounted, a perfect weekend project, or pin it for next year. We made this early inContinue reading “COFFIN WREATH STAND”


Hubz and I are huge fans of dress up and Halloween parties, we’ve had many of our own and attended many. Prizes vary from the larger parties offering cash and large prizes( we have won a few of those), to small home parties offering ribbons and Pintrest inspired DIY trophies. I thought a printout slipped intoContinue reading “HALLOWEEN COSTUME AWARDS”


It’s no secret I love anything made of real wood, up until last year however I had to paint it, I think I was scarred from visions of the orangey pine stained wood of the 80s and 90s, seemed if my dad built something it ended up with that orange hue and shiny with shellac lol. I’mContinue reading “FAUX UPCYCLED PUMPKINS”


I started these Halloween miniatures last year when I saw Michaels store brand miniatures, I know most people like the Lemax brand, but not me. I set out to find something to build my display in, when at a thrift store I came across a wooden briefcase type thing, pretty sure it was one ofContinue reading “HALLOWEEN TOWN”


HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND  TO MY CANADIAN READERS.  Today I’d like to share how I decorated my little wooden ladder for fall. To make your own ladder you can find a quick tutorial here. Last year we lost a lot of our decorations in our flood and I had actually purged a lot the year priorContinue reading “PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE”