I must admit I have not always been a huge hamburger lover, beef has never been my favourite, ground even less. I always did enjoy a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder though, and now it is still one of my go to fast food burgers, along with a Big Mac and a Whopper.As my tolerance for groundContinue reading “HOMEMADE BURGER RECIPE”


I’ve been busy sewing and crocheting bags for Easter, you can find the pattern for a fabric drawstring bag HERE For the fabric bag I found some jersey type fabric ribbon for it at Dollarama & I was in love. I actually went back for more and someone else must have found a great useContinue reading “SECOND LIFE T-SHIRTS”


With Valentines Day almost a week away how many moms are thinking up unique treats for the little ones to hand out? Some may have started brainstorming and assembly back in January, been there done that with 4 children’s worth of classes and friends to make for. I’ve also been to the point of feelingContinue reading “COOKIE VALENTINES”