I’ve always loved vintage Halloween prints and decor. This year I have noticed Micheal’s has leaned towards the vintage look with their Halloween decor. I have designed a few vintage inspired best costumes, and a best pumpkin, print outs for your Halloween parties. Simply grab a dollar store frame, or get crafty and paint upContinue reading “BEST COSTUME PRINTOUTS”


I look around this year I am pleasantly surprised at the Halloween trend this year, faux vintage. The stuff looks real don’t get me wrong, but their is something about it being really vintage that adds to my love of vintage Halloween. That being said, I refuse to pay high prices for “vintage” anything, fauxContinue reading “FAUX VINTAGE HALLOWEEN”


Who’s seen Little Shop Of Horrors? I’d bet the question with less hands up is who hasn’t see it? Even my youngest children can tell me when they see Audrey 2 that it’s the man eating Parana plant, my generation proceeds to say feed me Seymour as soon as they see her. It is oneContinue reading “FEED ME SEYMOUR”


I joined an online plastic canvas group, and jumped right into their recent swap. The theme was Halloween/Fall/Christmas. After messaging my partner and learning she loves both Halloween and Christmas, witches and gingerbread being her faves, I set out to design some unique items to send her. Below you will find what I made forContinue reading “HOLIDAY SWAP”


It’s no secret I suffer from an array of health issues, and long gone are the days and weeks I’d spend crafting and setting up seasonal decor. We have a room built around our furnace that we use for storage, in it you use to find stacks of the large Rubbermaid totes, mostly seasonal decor.Continue reading “MINIMAL HALLOWEEN”


Back in the summer I pulled this calendar frame from the unsold pile at our block/family garage sale. My first thought was it screamed WREATH! and that was my plan, until hubz joined an online Halloween group and I saw someone post a double frame ( on a hinge) with fabric looking for ideas forContinue reading “GHOST IN WINDOW”


One never knows what they will find while thrift shopping am I right? At this time of the year not only am I casually browsing the thrift store for what pops out at me, I also have my eyes peeled for upcycling items for Halloween. I would never in a million years think to lookContinue reading “WITCHY CAULDRON”