I hope Disney doesn’t come after us Baby Yoda Boomers with our inspired creations,keyword “inspired”. It seems everyone is going gaga for the bebe! The question remains however if this is NOT BABY YODA, who is this “child”? Our youngest (14), shortly after the Mandalorian aired, said to us “Oh that’s Baby Yoda?, here IContinue reading “BABY MANIA”


Who watches The Mandalorian on Disney Plus?, not this girl! I am not a huge Disney fan, of course I have always loved watching their movies with the kids but as a child myself nope, and as a mom of older kids now, still nope. Hubz is a huge kid at heart, don’t get meContinue reading “BEBE YODA”


I did my second swap through a plastic canvas group for Christmas. This time we did at least one item that was plastic canvas, then our choice of purchased/handmade items for our partners. My partner likes The Grinch, The Simpsons, and her Favourite TV show is 911 One of my fave shows is also 911,Continue reading “CHRISTMAS CRAFTS SWAP”


For the last few years we have been making up batches of these spice blends for family and friends, at first we thought they were just being polite when they tasted some of our recipes with them and the first time we gifted them, but it’s safe to say it’s like Christmas every time IContinue reading “MASON JAR SPICE BLENDS”


We made these a few years ago. The wreaths we redid this year, your not seeing double, Hubz and I worked together to assemble two similar wreaths, we removed the items we had used to make them a few years ago as they were starting to look worn, but the wreaths still in great condition.Continue reading “SLED WREATH STANDS”