Ornament Shadow Box

This project was done with help from Mr D, I needed no real help with it but motivation was well needed and he chugged me along with some ideas for it and to execute the build. We set out to build a crate shadow box We used 9 inch wide pine board cut to 4Continue reading “Ornament Shadow Box”

Little White Pallet Fence

As the weather quickly changes and the temperatures drop, snow is in the horizon here in Canada. The worst part is never knowing, it could be the middle of November and so warm that our parkas are still packed away, or we are scrambling to find them Halloween night. A week before Halloween we gotContinue reading “Little White Pallet Fence”

Upcycled Scarecrows

I was torn on this post’s title, I call them scarecrows, but they have pumpkin faces, either way they are cute! A few years ago Mr.D’s boss gave me some old wooden oars, one was mounted in our den with all it’s vintage glory, the other I turned into a SNOWMAN. Early this year, preContinue reading “Upcycled Scarecrows”

Pallet Tree

Truth be told in pictures it seems our home is alive with Halloween cheer, but the covid cloud is still hovering Canadian Thanksgiving is upon us , for the 1st time ever all our kids won’t be here for it. Our numbers are rising and we are to celebrate with our household only. 3 ofContinue reading “Pallet Tree”

Halloween Fence

Sometimes, actually quite often, we get lucky and find free wood to use in our projects. We also just as often buy the wood, but when I am looking for that upcyled look, free, aged wood is fantastic One afternoon while I was at the hospital receiving my transfusion Mr D found a pile ofContinue reading “Halloween Fence”


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I designed these for my son and his finace, they love ducks and m and ms (at least he does lol) and I made one to send a swap partner.  


The bee pot I found earlier thrifting has reminded me of saving the bees as well as how much I love honey, so I’m sharing today some of our family’s favorite recipes with honey in them Honey Garlic Chicken, and Saracha Pork Bites (original pre adjusted to us recipe found at Repeat Crafter Me, oneContinue reading “FAUX ASIAN DINNER”