Valentine’s is long gone, and the month is about to come to an end but I wanted to share one last freebie I designed.

I HATE roses, you heard me right! unless they are black and for Halloween then I will tolerate them, other than that I am a wild flower kind of girl.

Mister D learned pretty quick on that the way to my heart is a bouquet of sunflowers or wildflowers. I much prefer cacti and orchids, any potted plants really, as gifts.

Usually potted anything doesn’t survive in our house, there just is not enough sunlight, but last year hubby kindly put in a wooden bar on the ceiling with hooks right in front of the window where I hung some baby low light plants and they are thriving!

We have a skylight in our kitchen and so now the top of our fridge is home to some potted plants that are still hanging with me!

I even have baby cacti that I transplanted last summer from a mama plant I was gifted Christmas 2021, were I of course said thank you, but just as quickly had to apologize in advance that it probably wouldn’t survive here.

I made the same speech this past Thanksgiving when my son and his girlfriend gifted me an orchid, I LOVE ORCHIDS, the mister has gifted me countless ones, and they all have died.

We have matching orchid tattoos actually, to remind us we both have an outside of the box kind of love language, and also of my black thumb when it comes to them!

My recently gifted orchid stayed in bloom for over a month, and since then the green leaves have stayed healthy with new ones emerging! I am so excited and hopeful she will re-bloom in the fall.

In my design you may notice a similar flower to the one I designed and use here for the Dandelion Bouquets logo.

It’s a dandelion inspired flower with hearts as pedals, to remind me this blog was born from the memories of my favourite type of bouquets, those gifted to me by the littles in my life.

Now only if I could figure out how to grow dandelions indoors!


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