It’s no secret that if you know me here in the wild, and if you follow me on social media you may have a slight idea, I am not your typical “girl”.

As a young mother I went through a period where I second guessed if staying true to myself as a person made me a bad mother and wife.

I looked around at moms dressed in mom clothes, reading mom books, teaching their kids to wear Sunday clothes properly and the inner me wanted so badly to allow my children to dress in “Sunday” clothes and their favourite sneakers or hat.

I grew up being made fun of for my wild hair ( often boy short), black clothing, and being a tom boy down to my soul.

I wanted my children to grow up free to be who they wanted to be, I wanted my girl to play with her brothers tools, toys cars and action figures, and encouraged my sons when they would play dress up and be the mom in imagination play.

I wanted to encourage mostly individuality, from naming them unique names ( one I lost the vote but I call him by the nickname I gave him as a baby always and the other, his name has exploded in popularity) to encouraging them to cut and colour their hair however they wanted and wear whatever they wanted.

I only asked they respect their bodies and think about things like piercings and long term effects like scars. Dressing in what makes you smile also does not mean looking dirty or like a clown, even I have some standards! ( insert a giggle)

At the end of the day as that young mother I came to realize I was married to the wrong person, even though we knew each other from childhood, he either morphed into someone different or he never accepted me fully as I was from the beginning, either way, today I am much happier having crossed paths with Mr. D who is very much my tribe, who not only accepts me as I am, he encourages me often if I find myself second guessing what a mother and wife should look like, and while he is not quite the same carefree spirt as me, he is darn close!

In honour of us weirdos, staying true to yourself, finding your tribe and LOVE MONTH I am sharing the cutest oddball couple most of us know



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