Crafts · needle point · Plastic canvas · video games


Love month ( Valentine’s Day) means different things to different people.

I have been creating a series of Mario coasters, to get in the spirit of the upcoming movie, because any reason to enjoy a moment I take it, and my loves of course are excited for the movie.

Today I am sharing one of the rival characters, and while he may be “hated”, in this house one of us often choose him to drive our kart.

This came to life collaborating with my adult kids, we went back and forth with me sending drafts of the pattern and them letting me know what needed changing.

Many edited photos back and forth, many comments like mom he looks too cute, too happy, not evil enough mom, that moustache is all wrong sorry mama, we came up with this one.

My days of celebrating Valentines with my kids may be long gone but Love Month will always find a way into my heart with them.

This Mama hopes this bad boy’s moustache is good enough, and he has the right amount of ugly!


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