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Mister D’s birthday is this weekend, if I gifted him a gift card to Tim Horton’s he would gladly use it to fuel his love of coffee.

I can’t say I hate coffee but rather coffee hates me, specifically the caffeine in it.

I use to drink coffee and Pepsi, oh how I miss Pepsi!

Pots of coffee was my best friend when my daughter was colicky as a baby and her toddler brother needed me to function.

Somewhere along the line it began to give me heart palpations and I quit caffeine, it’s actually been over 20 years since I have consumed any type of caffeine.

Our son turns 18 this year, dad can’t quite take him for a beer yet but with his new love for French Vanilla Cappuccinos hubby can finally have a coffee buddy in the family.

I love herbal teas but drink them with no sugar and no milk so I can never justify paying for a tea bag and hot water!

I love loose leaf tea however Mister D isn’t a fancy coffee kind of guy, the places that would serve loose leaf wouldn’t be somewhere he would get a coffee, he is hooked on Timmie’s Americanos now though, so maybe he will get coffee fancy in his old age.

If you have a latte loving Valentine’s here is a cute cup to create for a card.

Click below for the svg

HERE for the layer insturctions.

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