Crafts · Plastic canvas


I shared a Mario coaster pattern a few weeks ago but have been so busy with making birthday gifts and gifts for my Valentine, Mr. D, that I haven’t had a minute to come here and add the Luigi coaster pattern.

So today he will kick off LOVE MONTH, he is Mario’s BFF after all and that’s AMORE right?

LOVE MONTH is full for our household, Mr. D’s Birthday, Valentine’s day, Family Day here in Ontario Canada and of course Superbowl!

I have been battling a pressure wound on my amputated leg since the end of June last year, it is FINALLY as healed as it needs to be for me to get back to using my treadmill so I am taking baby steps daily towards feeling like I am in control of my health, and that is a huge moment I am loving right now!

My blog goal is to share at least one LOVE MONTH thing a week, wish me luck, and I hope February 2023 is full of things you love!

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