Cardinals appear when angels are near. 

We have a cardinal who comes and visits our backyard almost daily for years now

Prior to this guy I had never seen a cardinal in the wild let alone up close and personal in my own backyard!

My dad loved all animals, I get that from him, it isn’t a far fetched statement at all for me to say I prefer the company of animals than most humans.

Birds however are my least favourite as pets, the mess from their housing for me is too much

In the wild I can watch them all day, the cardinal is my favourite, I like to think it really is my dad’s soul coming to visit and look over me

Cardinals are popular at Christmas too, that I am not sure as to why, maybe because they are a winter type of bird?, or maybe it’s their natural RED SANTA SUIT?

Happy 15th Heavenly Birthday Dad, on what would have been your 73rd


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