As I worked on this ornament I thought to myself, how popular is Pokémon these days?

I know it’s still highly popular but I wonder if any new trend or cartoon tops children’s wish lists these days

Our tree was jam packed with Pokémon gifts every Christmas for one child or another, these days I am a Mama to adults, of the 4, 3 are officially there and one this will be his last Christmas in the child category and I’m not sure how I feel about that

We have always been fortunate to make our children’s wish lists come true, grandparents, aunts, and uncles always filling part of it too

Also fortunate for me was/is my children loved on something I handmade as much as the store bought thing, things like this ornament would light up their faces Christmas morning

I hope this pattern finds its way to someone who can make a Pokémon fan happy on Christmas

And can you believe it is less than a month away? Tomorrow is December already, is it just me or WHERE DID NOVEMBER GO!!?

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