Here in it’s full ugliness is one of my favourite ugly sweater ornaments so far.

I think there is something about the ugly little branch with it’s red ornament almost toppling it over that screams simpler times.

I can’t figure out of it invokes memories of my childhood and watching A Charlie Brown Christmas every year or if I long for a time where $150 real trees aren’t the norm and equated with the perfect Christmas!

For awhile we were getting a real tree and it was 50ish CAD but the family time, and whole day we made of it made that price tag tolerable.

Our last year doing that was 2018, and these days I think the cheapest real tree in our area ( minus your grocery store pre cuts) is $80, but the “nice” ones over $100 GOOD GRIEF!

This year Michael’s had Black Friday sales on their trees, just before Halloween and I got my dream tree for $220 on sale

It was 65% off, and even tho $220 is not $50, this tree looks real, is 7.5 feet, and will last years not weeks, oh and NO PINE NEEDLES FOR MONTHS INTO THE NEW YEAR ALL OVER MY HOUSE


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