Crafts · fibre art · Plastic canvas


I’ve been having so much fun making custom Christmas cards, in the pile is a lot of Christmas movie inspired ones.

I did one with screaming Kevin from Home Alone, this movie is a family fave, and top fave of two of our future daughters in law

If one of you is here reading, only one may get the Kevin card, I have a few other ideas too!

After making the cards I wanted to try and make as many Christmas movie inspired ugly sweaters as I could

I did a few Christmas Story ones, a Christmas Vacation one and Elf in the past, that I am trying really hard to digitize and share.

This home alone one started off as a pattern of Kevin screaming as well, but soon I realized the area is too small for all the detail needed and so I scraped it.

I came up with the red house on the logo instead, and I am super happy with it.


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