Earlier I shared a Jason Plastic Canvas pattern, today I am sharing a cut file for a Jason layered svg I used for a greeting card, you can use it to make and display Jason on your wall or window as well with cardstock.

I love Halloween, as those who follow me know.

They also know I DO NOT like creepy Halloween nor slasher type movies, but I love designing around those types of movies for people who do.

My things will always be more on the cute side however, slasher with a side of sweetness

I picked up 2 Jason shirts for our son this week, I gravitated to the only “cute” one but it didn’t make it home with us.

I worked on a few slasher inspired patterns and projects this year, if time would only allow me to share it all I would gladly do so, Keep an eye on the blog this season I may find some time to share more.

In Design Space you will need to upload the SVG after saving it from the link below

Add to a new file and size to 5.75 inches high x 4.842 wide

You will also need a rectangle 10 inches wide by 7 inches high for the card itself

For his jacket collar you can glue them down or use foam tape to raise them for a 3D effect. Or cut the collar in a shade lighter or darker too.

I print right onto my cardstock but if you need the inserts you can find them HERE, simply print on paper, cut them out and glue just at the top edge into your card


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