I hear a new Buzz movie is out, guess who told me it was coming out?, my 17 year old son!

Toy story transcends time but, are you sitting down? ,this girl is not a Disney fan, most of the classic movies I can honestly say are not my cup of tea.

I do have a few favourites, I can attribute the few I love to being a mom and watching them for the past 28 years.

Did I just age myself? 28 years old is what Birthday my oldest is about to celebrate!

Ok I was still young enough to watch Disney movies myself when I had him so do the math, I’m not as old as dirt yet.

For his first Halloween with the help of his great grandma I sewed him a mouse costume, BUT NOT MICKEY!

These pumpkin pals were inspired by my youngest, his fave was Buzz, and I am informed is still top 2, of his fave Toy Story Characters.

But you can’t have Buzz without Woody so both pumpkin cut files are free here today

You can use the search at the bottom of the page, enter pumpkin pals card and the patterns I’ve shared and will share through August will come up.

In Design Space you will need to upload the png and contour out each piece, assemble it and size it all down to approximately 4 inches high and 3.5 inches wide

You will also need a rectangle 7.5 inches wide by 5 inches high for the card itself

I print right onto my cardstock but if you need the inserts you can find it HERE, simply print on paper, cut them out and glue just at the top edge into your card


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