For the last share of my mummers cards for Christmas in July I chose a classic look for many who participate. The classic bra over a shirt outfit.

A fellow crafter reminded me of this look when I asked for ideas for outfits, if you are that person dropping by here by chance THANK YOU, it gave me a good chuckle when putting this one together.

I hope you’ve enjoyed them, leave a quick note below or pop by my Instagram, I love seeing my ideas come to life by others, if you want you can tag me there as well, Dandelion Bouquets

Check back in November and December, I will be sharing a few more!

In Design Space you will need to upload the png and contour out each piece, assemble it and size it all down to approximately 6.75 inches high and 3.9 inches wide

You will also need a rectangle 10 inches wide by 7 inches high for the card itself


I print right onto my cardstock but if you need the inserts you can find it HERE, simply print on paper, cut them out and glue just at the top edge into your card

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