March 24th pays tribute to the all-time classic sandwiche, the cheesesteak

From my understanding it was born in Philadelphia, I had my very first one at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Canada almost 25 years ago and It’s been one of my favourites ever since!

With a large family, work, and extra curricular activities I was the mama who wanted the home cooked taste as healthy as possible with the convenience of short cuts.

I no longer eat beef or pork, coming up on 2 years now, so you know I had to adjust another family favourite using turkey.

Weather it’s turkey of beef you choose to use, my recipe is the same, and the time saving short cut is using sliced deli meat, cut into thin strips!

A vegetarian version could be done by adding mushrooms to the onions and peppers, the spice gives it a nice peppery steak taste that compliments mushrooms well, I often roast them with this spice and some olive oil for a side dish.

You can find the recipe HERE for the spice, also used in my homemade burgers, which I now make with ground turkey and not beef.


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