Who remembers a childhood oh fudge moment?

As a mother and a former child myself, fudge happens, it’s all part of living and learning.

I also admit I am a bit of a helicopter parent but at the same time if life and limb are preserved I am the first to say I TOLD YOU DIDN’T I, OR IT’S YOUR OWN FAULT!

Stories I am keeping for wedding speeches are;

The time our son didn’t listen when we said no ball in the house but one last bounce smashed our wedding glasses to pieces.

The time our daughter didn’t listen about a piercing and it became so infected we spent the day after Christmas in the ER having it removed.

The time our son was told not to pick up a very large snow globe but it magically ended up a puddle at his feet.

The time our son was told not to climb on a pile of wood for burning due to nails, he pushed his luck until a nail pushed right through his foot.

This was designed as a Christmas Ornament, along side the pink nightmare and leg lamp one I also designed, found HERE.

But I didn’t have a chance to share this one during the season but the world is full of OH FUDGE moments so I thought this the perfect time to share, you can add a magnet to it, hang it in a window or display it on a shelf or tray.

Let your OH FUDGE fly

In honour of all oh fudge moments click on the photo for the pattern

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