I’m not sure how so many of my recipes ended up using tomatoe soup but here we are.

They do say don’t mess with a mama, her crockpot and cream of something soup!

I love tomato soup!, it is my favourite soup!

As a teen I protested eating meat, and when you are 14, no job with European parents who cook meat and potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner you eat whatever is easy and they will buy for you, for me I lived on grill cheese and tomatoe soup.

To this day I still seek comfort in the rich red lava in a bowl with a good grilled cheese sammie, dipped in ketchup!

I could never be vegan, even though I can not have milk because it near kills me, I’ve given up most dairy because of it, but I do love my egg whites and occasional cheese product.

Pizza also brings me comfort, because it’s PIZZA!

Mr D gets white sauce on his pizza, he doesn’t like red sauce of any kind, OR SOUP, how did I even marry this weirdo?

With all my love of tomatoe things would you be shocked if I told you I borderline dislike actual tomatoes? I grow them in my garden to make tomatoe jam, but as far as the actual tomatoe you will only find it on my burger or sandwich when the mood strikes.

Now that you know my love for everything red lava , here is another recipe with the goodness of tomatoe soup.

I use club house sweet and smokey pulled chicken and totally ignore the directions, if you stick around long enough you’ll notice what took Mr D years to come to terms with, I never follow directions, I was born to live outside the box.

When I use to eat pork I used the same seasoning pack, I prefer the flavour of this next to any actual pulled pork seasoning I’ve used.


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