Watching this movie as a Child and in my teens in the 80s, I never knew it was filmed in the 80s but set in the 40’s!

I didn’t even realize it was the 40s, here I thought my parents had a fave movie from the 60s, and where peddling the generation’s Christmas to us while we were busy listening to boy George sing Christmas songs and asking for the Atari system.

A Christmas Story became synonymous with Christmas, in my childhood, in my children’s childhood and even now as we are all adults.

Keep an eye on the blog for a pink nightmare and OH FUDGE ugly sweater as well, I did a whole collection this year

Click on the photos for the patterns

I created the cards in design space for my cricut cutter

These are 5×7 inch cards

For the same you will need to create a rectangle 10×7 inches to fold in half, then size down and contour the PNGs to fit your card in design space.

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