You will find my etsy shop link pinned at the top of my blog, it’s neither for income or to become rich from, it was started to help send my creations to homes where they will be loved, while allowing me to adapt with a hobby that works around my life’s challenges.

Every year for the past many years at Christmas we have joined one group or another making and buying little things to send, from Seniors homes to our troops overseas, and last year postcards for our frontline workers.

This year I wasn’t sure where I would join because many places are avoiding collections because of covid, but one day in another group I am in someone posted a group that was looking for makers to make ornaments for children based on their likes, and you know I joined in a heartbeat.

The sales from my shop this season went into helping with shipping and supply costs.

Being in Canada I know how there is not many of us in groups so I chose 2 families within Canada first then the first few I saw with video games as their interests I chose them, reminds me of my own little family here on this side of the globe.

Today I am sharing with you the pattern I came up with for a Nintendo Switch Ornament.

This is a photo of all the ornaments that went with the switch one to this family, click on the photo for the switch pattern and check back soon for the other patterns as well as the card patterns pictured for Cricut crafters.

If you find any mistakes in the pattern let me know in the comments below and I will fix them.


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