I miss actually celebrating Christmas in July at our summer home, the campground organized Santa to come and give the kids gifts, a family BBQ and games, and we would decorate our camp sites.

We sold it in 2016 as the kids had summer part time jobs and such, but we look forward to one day soon having another summer home, even if its just the 2 of us and the dogs.

Non the less I continue to this day, Christmas crafting long before the season is kicked off.

Christmas in July posts this year will be limited as I am recovering from an urgent hysterectomy.

These are inspired by some of our favourite Christmas movies

You can click on the photos to open up a savable PNG file that you can upload to Cricut’s Design space to create your own.

For the cards:

You will need to create a square 10 inches wide by 7 inches high and cut from desired coloured cardstock.

For the Christmas Story Bunny Card and Christmas Vacation Moose Mug you will need to create a square 7 inches wide by 10 inches high and cut from desired coloured cardstock.

For most of these you could also print on a regular printer on white card stock, hand cut out the pieces and then use the pieces as a template to trace onto coloured cardstock and hand cut.

Great to make and have ready for the season or for any of you who will be celebrating in July, with the year and a half we’ve had I hope many are celebrating everything and anything, anytime!

Click HERE & HERE for printable inserts


  1. Some of my favorites are on here. Christmas story, Grinch, Elf and Frosty. We didn’t even celebrate Christmas in July this year, been too busy with other things. I even took a break from Blogging for awhile but I am back on now. Hopefully I will get a chance to do some Fall crafting soon. I love the changing of the seasons.


    • Hi stranger…I’ve not blogged aince this post i believe, trying to get caught up with halloween crafts and stocking my little etsy store post surgery! I post quickly my crafts on Instagram though but keep praying ill find my way back her before the end of the year. THANKS FOR SAYING HELLO


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