Halloween Fence

Sometimes, actually quite often, we get lucky and find free wood to use in our projects. We also just as often buy the wood, but when I am looking for that upcyled look, free, aged wood is fantastic

One afternoon while I was at the hospital receiving my transfusion Mr D found a pile of free wood on the market place, he was on vacation and with covid he can not accompany me during treatments so he found the pile of cedar and loaded up the trunk before picking me up

We power washed them all to remove the heavy dirt that was on it

We purchased some 1×3 pine which we dusted with black spray paint for the fence back,we then painted some of the planks white.

With the orange hue in the natural cedar, classic Halloween screamed at me, so an orange, black, and white Halloween fence was born.

We used copper pipe hammered into the ground and then pipe clips to attach the pipes to the back of the fence.

Mr D did his fancy thing and created perfect seems and corners so when we attached all the sections ( 32 feet in total) it all looked flawless, as flawless as a rickety old Halloween fence can be!

He insisted on lights for it as well, it’s always extra fun when your partner enjoys the season as much as you! I am yet to get outside and photograph it all lit up, but I must say this is my fave year for the lawn, I really hope trick or treating isn’t canceled!





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