I’m still trotting along, just have a lot going on and there are not enough hours in a day or spoons in my reserve. (For those who don’t know the term, those with chronic illness are often called spoonies)

A quick run down of life:

I started working out at the end of January, I also started a 1000 calorie diet filled with tons of veggies and some supements that so far has calmed my IBS,I hate to say that outloud as I’ve sufferd for 13 years or more with it but time will tell.

During the journey I have also lost 17 pounds to date!

March is full of doctors appointments for me and the dentist, all my life maybe a few cavaties and all of a sudden 4 in the span of 1 year, the dentist isn’t sure why but I assured him it’s probably just another medical mystery that is me.

The doctors appointments I am hoping are all good news, I am hoping for stable iron levels and lower blood sugars. Then a few more check up things I hope go smoothly

To top it off we adopted a little boy puppy, when I have time I must write about it. We weren’t looking but when a local rescue took in a litter of collie mixes saving them from euthanasia, we somehow knew we were the perfect home for one of them.

Meet cyrus they estimate him to be 20lbs of 8 to 14 weeks of collie mix, and predict he will be on the large side.

I apologize if the photos are all messed up and the text a hot mess, todays post comes to you via my cell phone and couch island.