A day for all things retro!?

Kind of…

Hermelinda A. Aguilar and Robert and Tina Duran founded National Retro Day to take a look back at how life was before social media, the internet and smartphones became a necessity of our daily lives. Read more HERE

So what would I be doing if it where pre 2000?


I’d be using a corded or if I was lucky maybe a cordless phone, to make phone calls,back when conversations were done with voices and not words on a screen.


No one would see my food plate, I wouldn’t have pinterest, or at my finger tips, I’d learn how to make meals by trial and error, and by reading actual cook books.

I wouldn’t be checking in at everyplace I visited, back then reviews were left by word of mouth.

Binge watching would be borrowing or renting VHS tapes and having to actually get off the couch to get them and to continue watching. If I missed an episode of my fave show it was never to be seen again. Cue my friends with their best verbal replay of it if I was lucky.

Spotify, Google Play what? 80s kids made mix tapes and 90s kids may have as the decade progressed, made mixed cds.

Photo filters,nope that grade 8 zit was front and center in my school pic. Selfies, the photo I took by accident while fidgeting with my film camera.

And all these silly memes, this gen probably thinks they invented them, nope,handmade in our 80s basements (perhaps even before then) with glue, ransom letters and permanent markers lol. Who remembers speech bubbling our photos, or adding horns and a mustache to so and so’s photos? Back then it was called defacing.

With no smartphones, internet, and social media, we spent more time focused on each other when we were together. Each moment recorded in memory for us to look back retrospectively and not for the whole world to see.


Whatever your retro is, wear it, drive it, play it on National Retro Day. What’s your retro? Let us know by using #NationalRetroDay on social media.


Of course I will find something 80s or 90s to binge today and some retro music to listen to.

I am guilty of digital binge watching, texting instead of calling, having digital playlists,checking in on FB,Googling how long to cook a turkey and of reading,sharing and even making memes.

I think there will always be “simpler times”, technology always exists and advances. I hope my children can look back on the 2010s and 20s and call it simpler times, while my grandchildren laugh as they go to school on their hover boards, totally a back to the future reference by the way.

I’ve always had this crazy dream though,to magically go back in time,not to my beloved 80s but rather to Little House On The Prairie times, how far back would you go?