I admit my post title is deceiving, I hate to disappoint but there is no drunken shenanigans to see here LOL.

Has anyone ever heard of the company LUSH, I’m expecting to be the only one who up until Christmas had never heard of them.

I am by my own admission a huge tom boy, rocked boy short hair most of my life (few times shaved right down) almost always a wardrobe of black tees sweaters and jeans (these days leggings & joggers fit my comfort instead) I’d rather play in the mud and with tools then have my hair and make up done.

But their is a soft side of me, I prefer cacti and dandelions over any other flower but do own some maxi dresses with floral, they are black and white and worn with an army jacket and boots, but they exist.

We have a Jacuzzi tub in our second bathroom and a hot tub on the deck

One of my favourite activities is to soak in one or the other, added aromatics is a must when using either. Since struggling with Fibromyalgia, amoung all the other lovely health issues I am so lucky to have experienced, my bath time is like a giant hug that offers a moment of illness free comfort ( as close as I can be these days)

With the Jacuzzi I love bubbles,Epsom salts,.mud masks,nice soaps and gels on my loofah, but I don’t like BATH AND BODY WORKS prices lol.

Nothing against them, please don’t throw bath bombs at me, I am sure their products are lovley, they are always busy when I pass by at the mall,if you are a BBW costumer, enjoy!

Ok on with the show here Dandelion B


My son and future daughter in law gifted me at Christmas a cute little floral box filled with the most amazing smelling soaps I have ever smelled.

Side note, I had just opened a portable speaker from them, waterproof,so I could cast my google play list tub side.

When I opened the soaps box I joked that they had gifted dad and I a sexy time kit, my son broke out in nervous laughter followed by MOM,NO!

I then read the name of the soap set as I gave him a jokingly raised eyebrow THE NIGHT GARDEN, his fiance promptly said WOW YOU HAD TO PICK THAT SET DIDN’T YOU? as she chuckled at my son, we all belly laughed.

They told me it wasn’t too expensive but as I looked up the set to share it today I realize wowzers! I need to make this last until next Christmas!

I am in love, not only do the products smell and feel amazing


You can read their story HERE

Canadian friends The Night Garden Set can be found HERE

USA friends HERE

lush kit

I’m not gaining a thing for the links, just sharing my over the moon joy with the new LUSH side of myself.


On a cold winters day, relaxing in a nice warm/hot bubble bath sounds like the perfect way to commemorate National Bubble Bath Day, which is celebrated annually on January 8th.

The bubbles on top of the water (also known as foam bath or foaming bath) insulate the bathwater, keeping it warmer for a more extended period.

Use #BubbleBathDay to post on social media.

Read more HERE

Happiness is a long hot bubble bath

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