I was looking at ends of 2×4 wood from the pallet we used for our sleigh,the grain and beat up surfaces looked so pretty.

I will be sharing the sleigh here in the next few weeks.

I busted out my POLY ACRYLIC SEALER in matte and decided to see how a piece looked, after I used a belt sander to clean the wood.

I was so excited how the grains became vivid, in the words of my Hubz, he has been telling me to step away from just painting wood for a long time.

I cut down the 2×4 wood that was heading to a burn pile, I made some into “HOUSES” for my village and sealed those.

Will be posting those shortly.

With little scraps left on the ground I sealed those too.

And that is how these were born.

Weather you use reclaimed wood or a store bought 2×4- you can paint,stain, or just seal your pieces for these fun decor displays.


framing lumber is usually imperfect, you can probably find a “new” plank with character for rustic looking blocks.

ask around, friends and family may have piles of pieces from a project, you want your wood to be in the 2 inch thick family is all.
I always think of my dad when I use wood ends, if he were still alive I’d need not look any further then his workshop (home and job) for all kinds of wood scraps.
Then again if he had not passed I wonder if I would even have taken such a liking to working with wood, I started to feel close to him still.

Who doesn’t love a cute wooden block, from ages 1 to 100, I think everyone can find a way to decorate them.

I suggest for a craft party or doing these with kids you pre “paint” the blocks.

These here are wool meets wood inspired, 2 of my favourite things.

Simply make the plastic canvas or crochet ornament to fit your cut block and then hot glue on.

Some eco friendly ones, great for but not limited to kids, would be to cut shapes out of cereal boxes, paint and hot glue to the blocks, felt or foam ornaments would be nice too.

Click on each photo for the patterns, as for the blocks cut them to fit your finished “ornament”





Look for a future post with blocks I have been working on to add to this vintage Rubbermaid tiered lazy susan that I thrifted for $2 ( what a steal when I see what they sell for online)






  1. I have tons of wood scraps right now just waiting to be made into something, these are so cute. I think of my dad too, when I am out in nature that is, he loved outdoor activities. Can’t wait to see your next project. This time of year is so much fun with all the holiday events and DIY’s everywhere.

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