Our youngest as Link from Zelda, I made and painted the shield and sword, and made his costume. Him as toad from Mario, I made the vest and pants, then him as a very hot and grumpy wizard lol.


Our second youngest as Dr who. I knitted that scarf, it took forever lol. Daughter as a Gothic Raggedy Ann, back then we couldn’t find a black clown wig anywhere so a winter cap and weaved in black yarn made by mama it is, this is a ln early fall halloween and she is hot and grumpy (I used the costume one year and can sympathize with her 100%),the dress was bought but I made the sleeves and bloomers, both these won best costumes, the doll once with her and once with me.


On the right our second youngest as an Ipod ( yup Ipod not Ipad lol) it was an art canvas, I designed the print out and used silver duct tape to attach it and act as a border, also used an old mp3 player attached to the back so, HE WORKED lol, won best costume. Our youngest as Mario and BILLY THE EXTERMINATOR! he use to love that show, he won best costume and at our trailer park a girl a little older then him had to have a pic of him, she loved Billy too  lol.

The two oldest a few years ago with their OWN costume creations, I sewed the bow tie for her and he has on one of her sweaters lol. No joke his hair is long enough to make his own braids these days.


A screen shot of a video of Hubz playing rock band in his Puft marshmallow man costume, the same year he wore it early in October and waved at cars passing by. I think the universe paired together 2 of the most weird fun loving people when he had us meet! I hope one day I get my fun gene back.

That year I was a female ghost buster, can’t find the pics. I wore a tan dress with a ghost buster patch and made myself a proton purse.

Not real tattoos showing, but we both have quite a few real ones, even our wedding bands.

ANY GUESSES? on this last couples costume pic?

We stayed at a hotel for the weekend as part of our anniversary this year and had a few parties that same weekend so we were 99% of the time in costume. The hotel and restaurant staff asked if we were musicians. What, “normal” people don’t dress like this?

I am one of my favourite artists PINK and hubz is her hubz CAREY HART ironically most knew exactly who we were, maybe it was my hair, not a wig BTW, and I miss being able to express myself that way. Between my hair being weak and brittle and the fear of chemicals, I don’t dye my hair much at all, and nothing like this since this picture.

It’s sad how the mind plays tricks like this, I have “given” up so much in the last decade for fear that it was what was making me sick or preventing treatments.

This was 2010, I became sick this weekend with what would be un diagnosed strep throat (partly my fault as I always try to fight on my own and partly the clinic who told me how long i had went with it, no way was strep…did a scrap anyway and called me in a panic a few days later because the infection was bad)

Mid November the same year I had the “flu” again and on repeat Christmas week.

I had some symptoms before this but this year stands out in my mind because I never really “recovered” from 3 months of illnesses. I hear a lot of auto immune warriors have similar stories, many started with strep.

Non the less I hope you all enjoyed PART ONE and two of my ghost and goblins of Halloween past, have been inspired to create costumes of your own.

For the life of me I can’t find the photos of when Hubz and I won first prize with our nerd costumes and Barney and Betty Ruble. They will come up in memories on social media I hope and I can grab a shot of them then and add here.

I have some much older ones that are printed but no digital files, maybe next year I can share those.

Sadly not any from my childhood, my parents took tons of pics but sadly no Halloween ones exist.

My dad did love Halloween, and I remember many years of him taking me to buy the good old plastic costumes with the hard plastic masks! At zellers! My Canadian friends…the chain that became target in Canada and went bankrupt!

As a teenager I usually was Madonna or a baby.




    • Me too!…i cant believe not one picture! I suppose this era makes it much easier to take pictures..tho sometimes i find i lose them too because i upload them but never print them then the file gets lost.

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