I did a real life ghost walk many years ago ( almost 10) with Ryan Buell from Paranormal State.

He has had much controversy and his share of drama follow him around since the success and fall of the show, but I can still say I enjoyed his book, the show, and still believe in him, and his “abilities”

At best this night was a great night out for Hubz and I, mostly me who loves the paranormal, Hubz can watch the goriest, scariest of movies but you present a paranormal story line and it gives him the heebie jeebies, I’m the complete opposite.

We both enjoyed watching Paranormal State, our youngest now is intrigued by paranormal shows and documentaries, even though his response to them is usually the same question to me, its not real is it?

He will find his own, I fear nothing from exposing him to these things, I explain what I can, my family and friends all know how much I love the paranormal, I don’t hide it, it’s been part of me as long as I can remember.

We didn’t see any ghosts on this night, but we learned about how the grounds were a battlefield and about the sightings that have occurred. Ryan also gave us an insight into his life, from a young boy up to his then time on the show.

He has since come out as gay, I believe Bi Sexual, I’ve always had a crush on the boy! and was so nervous in this photo to be so close to him.

Untitled-1 copy.jpg
I had just cut all my hair off here, this is about when odd health symptoms had started and my hair was highly effected. At the time I thought maybe it just needed to be cut back to grow healty. It’s long again, still not the healthiest and needs constant trimming, but long. Those are actual signatures I had, I scanned them and added them to this photo Hubz took.
Hubz filmed most of the night, and now I am wondering what happened to the video!

A good series Hubz found on Amazon Prime is called LORE, a little bit paranormal, a little bit tale tales, with historical reenactments, I quite enjoyed the few episodes I have watched with him so far.

Haunted Travels founded National Ghost Hunting Day to kick off a season full of haunted attractions, fall festivities, encouraging enthusiasts to pursue their interests in the mysteries surrounding the supernatural and to carry on the long-held traditions of ghost hunters. One hundred percent of funds raised through ticket sales go to local non-profit pet shelters in each participating community. The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in July of 2016.

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  1. Those haunted places are so spooky. We have a lot here in Arizona. I never watched that show you are talking about. Shows like that are too real sometimes and they also give me the creeps. I have been to plenty of old buildings here in Arizona because I do love the design and history behind these old places me and my family visit. As always, those old west ghost towns come with plenty of ghost sightings and stories.


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