As October approaches I once again sat feeling sorry for myself ,about how the kids all are grown up and my health is once again not good enough to enjoy the season fully, I began to look through all the photos and all the memories I do have.

I’m sharing some of them here, as far back as I can remember the costumes were made on the frugal scale. I purchased used and DIY them.

The first picture here is of my brother and daughter, she was 21 months and he was 12 years old. Her doctor outfit was purchased used most likely and his mummy costume made by me. Thrifted or up- cycled white shirt and pants with a ripped up sheet hot glued here and there.

Canadian Halloweens require the costumes to fit over snowsuits, haha she looks like the kid in A Christmas Story here.
Our second youngest top left as a pumpkin,he was 1, again to the right as pickachu he was 4 with his cat sister who was 7. His birthday is in September and every year we held a Halloween themed birthday up until he was 13. Below is our 2 oldest as a power puff girl and ash ketchum, I made both costumes. she was 4 he was 6
Our oldest top left, his first Halloween he was 1, that mouse costume was sewn from a pattern. Our daughter as a little cow ( moms fave non dog cat animal even then) I have a photo of my dad holding her with a sucker in her hand later that night she was 9 months.
Top left our youngest as jack skellington, mom made he was 3 then the same year we found his other fave guys scooby and batman at a thrift store so he juggled all 3 costumes that year lol. Big brother as cat in the hat which he won best costume. Below big brother when he was 7 as a pirate.
Here is all costumes our oldest pulled off. Mad scientist Dr. Rig. A. Mortis, vampire and a chicken while working temporarily with me at value village for Halloween in high school, his pre- google years lol
Top right our daughter as a scarecrow that I made she was 11, baby brother to the left at age 2 with a clown outfit I made from scraps of clothes from my dad after I made a memory quilt with them. Below is our second youngest at 8 as a mad scientist. Dr E. Ton. Wurms
Who remembers the show storage wars and DAVE? this is the second youngest sporting the yuppp cap and pulling off his best dave look. He won best costume
LEFT me and hubz as Gonzo and Camilla, we lost to the walking dead couple for 1st prize he found his costume used I made my chicken costume. MIDDLE our crazy Napoleon Dynamite looking son RIGHT our youngest, one of my favourite costumes to make, he is from plants vs zombies game, his head is a motorcycle helmet we up cylced with paper mache. He won best costume
Dear Daughter in my cow costume one year, she wanted a bell so I made her one lol,she was 18  Napoleon again lol, was 15
shagguy&velma (2)
Hubz got too hot in his shaggy wig so its not on for the pic. VELMA AND SHAGGY 2008
happyhallowen (2)
We tossed these costumes together as we were invited to a party last minute. A much healthier me for sure.


I will be digging through more Halloween pics and posting some more in a part two of GHOST AND GOBLINS OF HALLOWEEN PAST

Thanks for dropping by, I hope if you love Halloween as much as us you are enjoying the season. Perhaps you even found some inspiration in our past costumes.





    • Thanks for stopping in. Isnt it funny how we use to do simple costumes, with things we had on hand and cheap. Now a days some costumes are so highly inappropriate and cost a weeks worth of groceries. All the accessories too add up. Im glad my children loved making their costumes and even now make or buy used. Half the fun is making them i think

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