In the summer my nieces and I did some paper mache skulls and cats, that we did up with fun embellishing, you can see them HERE

For my displays I wanted more rustic looking pieces and so I set out to make more paper mache of my own.

I looked up primitive pumpkins and rustic pumpkins and settle on this one to be my inspiration.
Hubz recently joined an online Halloween Facebook group, he always jokes he opens up our feed and all sees is cats and crafts lol, yet he contributes to my craziness!, some of the artists on there are amazing!

Paper mache is a great way to be creative for Halloween on a budget and for one of a kind decor. Pre-make the mache covered shapes and throw a children’s art party for pennies with priceless memories.

We decorate outside by mid September, in fact by the time you are reading this our decor is probably already up!,we can’t add paper mache pieces outdoors, but if you have a covered porch, coat your pieces with a clear spray paint in matte and it will last longer then just the year.


These are messy to make, but for me that is therapeutic, I pop on a show and paste away.


pumpkin dispaly.jpg
The skull and little pumpkin are from dollar stores. 1.25 for the skull and a 3 pack of pumpkins $2. If you look carefully you will see my first ever felted piece, a yellow leaf hot glued to the little pumpkin. The skull I crocheted, you can find the pattern HERE

I do 1 part flour to 2 parts warm water, mix well until smooth, add more water if needed for a creamy but not to thick consistency.

Simply print off the pumpkin outline HERE, cut it out then trace it onto thick cardboard, you will need a piece 8.5 x 11 for these, or you can draft out your own to fit a piece you have on hand.

Cut out 2 for each one you want to make

TIP: If you have a scroll saw or know someone with one, they work amazingly to cut through cardboard. My right hand has all kinds of pins and many “healed” breaks from my car accident, therefore cutting through thick cardboard is not humanly possible for me,Ā  I figured this trick out thankfully.

Use some hot glue to glue both of your pieces together

Paper mache one side and edges and let it dry overnight, then do the other side and edges again.

TIP: Placing these on a plastic container or bowl to dry helps to keep them from sticking and allows air flow under them.

Now paint and embellish how you wish.

My eyes are cut from scrap fabric, with the line sewn on I burned my edges (I tested first to see if the poly blend would melt and it did) then used tacky glue to attach them to the pumpkin.

The nose, a twig from my yard with some yarn wrapped around it and hot glued to the back to give the illusion it is sewn on.

For the mouth, I placed my template on top once both sides were painted and dry, using a sharp yarn needle I poked holes at the ends of each line, then I drilled holes with a drill.

Then used yarn and a yarn needle to sew the mouth on.

I tied on some scrap fabric ribbon to the stems.

If you make a bunch ahead of time these are great for children’s craft parties. They can paint and embellish them.

Here are some of mine tucked into my “witchy” cabinet in the den for halloween and some of the other pieces as well.

cabinet 1.jpg




cabinet 5.jpg
The little red bottles are hotel shampoo bottles from our summer trip, I used non sand-able extra tough drywall putty to cover them, then simply painted them. The spells book was a thrift find for $2, it was already black I just printed off the label on construction paper, burnt the edges,and used tacky glue to put it on.
These bottles are covered in glue and water mache. The gauze and fabric lids are dipped in water and glue as well.

















  1. I do most of my craft projects streaming a movie too. Needle felting is not a craft that works well with that though, but I am stubborn so I keep doing it. I love how your pumpkin came out. All of it looks great, looks like you have been busy. I have always liked folk art crafts. Paper mache is so fun too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Startes in June is my dirty little secret! Lol slow and steady. I have been working now on some quick crafts and will post them.soon its christmas crafts. My youngest said to me other day “mom is it weird I have been listening to xmas music, For some odd reason I love it” i chuckled and told him no weirder then mom soon listening to it and watching xmas movies with halloween movies while she does xmas crafts.


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