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It’s no secret I suffer from an array of health issues, and long gone are the days and weeks I’d spend crafting and setting up seasonal decor.

We have a room built around our furnace that we use for storage, in it you use to find stacks of the large Rubbermaid totes, mostly seasonal decor.

Those stacks have dwindled in the last 5 years, each time it is seasonal decor swap time, hubz drags them out and I severely thin the contents, making keep and donate piles.

This year was no different, we had 4 Halloween bins, and I think I’ve dwindled it to 2.

I’m working on accepting the fact that the house will no longer be filled with tons of handmade and found treasures

What is helping me is finding ways to brightened my surroundings for the holidays without needing much physical energy to make, pack and unpack things.

Keeping with a creepy for cheapy theme, these were all made with thrifted and garage sale fabrics. At most each bag cost $2 to make.

Everyone needs to shop, everyone needs to tote things around, weather it’s for a day or evening out, or like me , work in progress crochet projects.

Fabric bags have become a necessity in our day and age, our country is doing away with most single use plastics in the near future, no more option to pay 5 cents per bag, bring your own or carry your stuff lol, I support that 100%

These are an easy way to add holiday cheer minimally, they store easily, and work up quickly (follow the link below for my tutorial, don’t worry beginner sewers you’ll be fine) make some yourself or ask a friend or family member to make them.

Half the fun is finding the fabric, I always make extra to gift, if someone asked me to make some I’d gladly be paid with enough fabric to make myself one too.

How cute would your dollar store, thrift store, and craft store hauls look in these, I get compliments all the time and asked if I sellLIFE them.

Two reasons I don’t “sell” these, A they are far from perfect because of my disabilities and B my health and disabilities do not allow me to produce enough to have “stock”. I gladly make them for family and friends at my own pace and have sold some for cost at garage sales, but other then that, no selling.

I’m not sure but almost positive this is retro/vintage fabric. I just love the Halloween train print. I made 2 bags with this one and have enough for 2 more, or something else.
Here is a a bag with 3 of my Fave things, sunflowers, cats, and pumpkins. I made 3 bags from this thrifted fabric.
This one glows in the dark!
$5 fabric at a garage sale gave me 4 bags. The inside fabric was at a Value Village sale, $3 for at least 6 yards.

Click HERE for my DIY fabric bag tutorial.


















12 thoughts on “MINIMAL HALLOWEEN

    1. I sewed in grade 8 home ed made.myself shorts..spend the next 20 years hand sewing things. Got a garage sale.sewing machine and have never turned back. Give it a try! I have a few tutorials and pinterest has a ton..many i used to learn at first too.


  1. I sewed in grade 8 home ed made.myself shorts..spend the next 20 years hand sewing things. Got a garage sale.sewing machine and have never turned back. Give it a try! I have a few tutorials and pinterest has a ton..many i used to learn at first too.


  2. That top bag with all the Halloween characters is so cool. Actually I love them all, so much fun hunting for fabrics to design things with. You did a great job, so they look perfect to me. I had to go through some decorations too because it is getting too hard to keep up with the big outdoor decorations we used to do. We are lucky if we have time to put up Christmas lights.

    Oh and I am answering a question from Instagram for you here. so sorry it has taken awhile. Had a huge event, our only vehicle was totaled but everyone is okay, thank God. My husband was in involved in a hit and run accident and the truck was crushed in the front.

    Witnesses were amazed when he walked out okay and one even said “Dude, I can’t believe you survived that.” So we are still getting over that stress from two days ago.

    Our neighbors here in the city are so sweet, just like the ones up north. One neighbor stayed with my husband while the paramedics came, he was alone and that neighbor’s wife and him saw the accident by our house so the wife drove back to get me to pick up my son at college. That was where my husband was headed when the accident happened.

    Then that night some other neighbors came by, knocked on our door and handed my husband the keys to his Lexus . He drove his vehicle across the street and parked it in our driveway and told us we can use it for the next week.

    Looks like we will be having a neighborhood pizza party for everyone when things settle down a bit. Now we just have to figure out where to get a new vehicle. Insurance and all that takes time so this whole process is not over. I am just so, so happy my husband and son are okay. My son was in class so thankful he was.

    Anyway, it is my son and daughter that control the Instagram account because they have cell phones and Facebook accounts which I don’t. I told my son we are going to try to start that going again and I send him a few pictures to post and leave it up to him. I want him to be involved too but it isn’t his world but I try to include the whole family with Our Little Red House.

    He is asleep right now so sorry no one answered back yet, been a crazy week. The plant in the photo is called Elephant food, at least that is what my next door neighbor calls it. She gave me some and they have just taken over my garden, seems to be the only thing strong enough to survive a Phoenix summer. Also, my husband said he read somewhere that Elephant food in a garden makes the other plants and the energy in the garden very peaceful and happy. Okay, sorry so long. I have to get offline now, have some laundry to get done before the kids and I head out to see IT. They want to see it so bad but I am so old fashioned I like the original one better because it is less gore. I don’t like seeing gore and now days it seems most movies are all about that. You and your family have a great Sunday and stay safe out there.


    1. I am so sorry to hear about the accident, glad everyone is ok and that your neighbors jumped in to help. People suck, to hit and run like that! not only is it harder with insurance but what if someone was hurt. We have had 2 cars totaled, once we were t bonded by a guy arguing with his GF as he was speeding through a parking lot. and another a protester was on the median and hubz looked over to read her sign and rear ended the person in front, not much speed was involved in that one but the way vans are made now a days the front end was totaled and a right off.
      neat name for that succulent, I looked it up, not the same I have, mine is called campfire. hope you enjoyed IT, our son and GF went last night and enjoyed it, not my thing, I watched Edward Scissor Hands lol.


  3. Just got back a couple hours ago. It was scary and it had some crazy special effects but I still enjoyed the first one better. I hate that movies are being made into political and propaganda messages.

    There seems to be an agenda to turn everyone against everyone by making us all paranoid and fearful of one another. Most people can see this is new shows being made now and it is so sad.

    Even the new terminator coming out is being made into an anti-man movie it seems, at least by the preview I saw. They did the same thing with Ghostebusters from the 80’s.

    Then I saw another preview for a Christmas horror movie coming out where all females fight back and take on a group of killer men, all white of course. It is like they are trying to start a race war. I have posted about this. I am not a raciest and I know others being accused of it are also not.

    It is frightening what is happening. I have a young son and a husband and I love them both dearly and it seems the whole world is trying to turn on the guys…so sad.

    Anyway, there was a part in the movie IT where they totally stole the scene from the 80’s movie The Thing. My kids and I looked at each other and laughed because we have watched The Thing up north on VHS many times. It is the perfect summer movie. It’s like Stephen King just ripped off another movie’s scene.

    Also, I love old horror not the new stuff coming out now which I call Gorror. That is mostly about shocking us with horribly violent and bloody images. That is not entertaining to me. I like good old fashioned ghost stories and creepy stories.

    There was a ritual in IT at the end. My son who is not really religious (my daughter is) said after watching IT he now wants to go to church. My daughter got excited and said she is taking us all as soon as she buys her car. She saved up enough money to purchase a used car now.

    Anyway, the movie wasn’t a total loss, it did have it’s scary moments. Guess I am more of a Goosebumps type of girl, always liked the tame stuff. I used to be a fan of a lot of Hollywood people but not anymore, they get weirder every year that goes by…creepy people,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are 100% my peoples. As a mom of 3 boys a brother a husband i stand strong in my opinions against the FEMINIST AGENDA TODAY. Its alot of society really and agendas…everyone is salty (as my kids call it) and everyone demands to be heard so they scream louder then others…i am all for equal rights for fighting for things of course but the way the world is going i cant hear anyone because they are all “yelling” above eachother. The once fear of speaking up against a man has become a game of how loud you can yell over all men, loses its luster in my opinon.

      And haha even johnny depp is a little “wierd” but I love him!


  4. Johnny Depp is a cutie I will give him that. I have always had a weakness for dark hair and brown eyed boys, why I ended up marring an Italian. Everyone has a type. I remember seeing Johnny Depp for the first time in Nightmare on Elm street, another gory movie but at least it had a really good creepy and spooky story behind it. My big teenage crush was Rick Springfield.
    You are right about everyone yelling and screaming and just protesting about silly things that I never really thought were issues before. I really do fear for my son’s future. I want both my kids to be happy and have happy lives. No one should ever feel terrible for who they are. I always tell the kids how boring the world would be if we were all the same and all believed the same things. We all need to have the freedoms to be who we are meant to be and of course never hate each other for that.
    There are some pretty weird things going on around the world. I am not happy with the direction it is going in with attacking men all the time. And the lies, so many lies bouncing around out there too. Makes me want to just hang out in my garden.
    I am looking forward to the holiday seasons and cooler temps, gotta take our minds off of things by looking forward to the things that do make us happy. Have a great day. Love those decorations you and your husband do.


    1. Jessies Girl is one of my all time fave 80’s song. I think i did re-watch Nightmare last year to peek at johnny depp, may have to do it again. My fave movies of his are Edward Scissor Hands as far as Halloweeny goes and even more so whats eating Gilbert Grape, Donnie Brasco and Benny and Joon. I couldn’t get into Chocolate and dark shadows, but I do want to give DS another try. Fear & Loathing even tho Benicio del Toro is a great actor, if not for johnny in it I don’t think I’d have liked it as much. I agree about the lies and its funny because the minute I open my mouth to say wait a second this sounds fishy, I am all of a sudden a woman basher, yet all my life I have been the biggest tom boy and supporter and “leader” in a woman having rights and being anything she wishes!
      It’s ok I will always speak loud on my stances and I don’t expect anyone to agree, but kindly disagree in a adult manner, like you said we are all different and its what makes the world less boring.
      Thank You about the decorations, the school kids are loving them as they walk to and from school.


  5. Your bags are darling. Love the Halloween train bag. Thanks for sharing your talents at “Love Your Creativity.” So sorry you are suffering from the auto immune disorder. Take care. Happy Fall.

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