My 2nd bloggiversary is coming up, and Fall is around the corner, how ironic I started my blog during my favourite time of the year!

Click HERE to read my 1st anniversary post
Looking back and reading both it hurts a bit, I am no further ahead health wise and my excitement for Fall is very much cloudy 2 years later.

Summer was survivable, I try to be grateful for that statement, it could be worse I think to myself but then immediately am reminded to give it time, it will be worse.
I worry with each passing season what next year will bring, for the past 2 years now my follow up doctor appointments and iron transfusions have become part of Fall, it reminds me of how I wish instead September meant the glorious love I use to feel this time of year.

The photo below may or may not be me in the next few months, today is not the time or place to vent but good old free Canadian health care will not cover my infusions (nor give me the option to pay out of pocket) unless I am below the bare minimum level of iron, even though last years transfusions barely took or worked for long and I went from ideal levels back to bare minimum in 3 months.

I do understand there has to be a cut off, however the chronically ill should be allowed to be treated to maintain more then bare minimum levels.

I’ve spent 99% of the past 5+ years muddling through at borderline minimum iron levels,juggling meds and treatments that don’t work, combined with everything else it makes even baby steps hard most days. Thank goodness for technology, as I type this out on my phone to pre-schedule it from bed.
I have to receive the transfusions at the cancer clinic,over the course of an hour and half -3 to 4 times, I don’t like it, I am reminded of being there with my dad, I can barley make eye contact with the chemo patients without tearing up. and selfishly it scares me beyond anything, I worry about how much sicker I’ll get as well. Having it not take last year also leaves me feeling hopeless, but off I’ll go again once I qualify, not much choice. Hubz is by my side through the treatments, I couldn’t do it without him, it’s very emotional for me, but at the same time I wonder if he wishes he was anywhere but there again, I know I wish it with every breath!

Below are some photos that captured our summer, long gone are the piles of photos and outings we took, outsiders looking in may think; 3 months and so little done, but for me every baby step is still a step I’m still taking.

My nieces visit a few times a week in the summer, I am grateful for the time with them because like my own children they are growing up too fast. I become increasingly sadder with each passing summer with them as well unfortunately, the saddness stems from my inability to do much more with them then just sit and talk and watch tv. I do more when I can but am not the auntie I use to be or want to be.

See you soon, hoping to get caught up on reading everyone’s blogs and be back with some things Fall & Halloween.

Its no secret blogging does not have to be done in real time, I do have things done in advance and the posts about them ready to go as well, some posts still need to be edited and even written, time will tell what becomes published.20190807_114525.jpg
Succulents & Sunflowers Growing in our new raised gardens


Our Tomatoe “Trees” Our scarecrow playing peek a boo. He is a Halloween prop but we put him there to scare the birds who were eating all my strawberries. It didn’t work, we ended up relocating the berries closer to the house and managed to stop them.

Late Spring Hubz working on our back deck extention
Backyard camping on some long weekends. Our main deck needs some updates but my dad built it in 1998 and I don’t want to touch it until I have to. Under the metal gazebo is our hot tub that I live in as much as I can.
Our son volunteered at the arts festival, he was stationed inside while mom and dad got caught outside in a downpour. This is after we were soaked running to our car and driving back around to wait it out and pick him up. I count this as dancing in the rain, and we both had a great laugh during and after it all.
We lost our 6 year old goldfish this summer. We got 2 baby goldfish and a baby bristle-nose pleco, it is the one on the rock with polka dots. Up front is an albino one who is nearly 2
On our way to Niagara Falls Canada and the bridge lifted as we pulled up. It rises to let the boats underneath to pass by. Most of us got out to stretch and look.
If you look behind the street sign in the middle, partly behind the trees you can see the boat as it nears the bridge and crosses over.
We did a 4d zombie “ride” and the boys wanted to pose with the zombie outside of it.
I forgot my Canon at home, I stood in the museum I don’t know how long until my phone camera got the best shot of Elvira!
This cutey started to wave at our son,while I’m sure he waves several times a day, we were at the end of the line and he only waved as our son approached. I plan to have it printed on a mug for him. He waved by lifting his leg and opening and closing his claws, so cute we stood there for nearly 5 minutes admiring him.

Our summer ended with my dear hubz having an accident. He tripped on my shoe, fell forward face first into our dogs pallet bed. He needed 11 stitches on the outside and a few inside to repair a gash under his lip.
Sometimes going through these times is what we need to reset our soul. His end of August holidays were spent recovering and that’s no way to spend your holidays, but I am thankful he has a few days left in September and October, and our days spent together then will have that little extra sentiment.
He could have hurt himself worse, it reminded me that I’d never trade having him by my side on the boringest of days for all the fun filled holidays alone in the world.
I won’t be posting any pictures of him, we did of course take a few to look back on, and can slightly laugh at his “Frankenstein” scar now.


  1. I wish I was there to give you a huge hug. I’m praying for you! 🤗 I’m sorry your hubby fell and had to have stitches. I’m sure that hurt! I hope he heals quickly. The photo of Elvira is so good! Those bridges that lift up scare me! I’m always afraid they’re going to go up when I get on it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. His stitches are.out now…nerve damage atm we hope will pass and swelling. Im glad i am not the only one who hates those bridges….all bridges i swear will give as soon as i drive over them!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So sad to read that about your health, I also will be saying a prayer for you and your family. I used to watch Elvira back when I was a kid with my little sister. That was such a fun series to watch and I loved how Elvira was so sarcastic. I think you can still get her shows on Hulu (but I could be wrong, sometimes they take shows down) I am also looking forward to Fall and Halloween. I had a ton of projects I wanted to get done and just didn’t have the energy to complete them all. At least I had some pre-scheduled post ready for everyone. I do love keeping in touch but it is hard to read, post, comment and then regular life chores. I have to take things one day at a time, that is all any of us can do and most important is spending time having fun with our families. Oh, and I also hope your husband is getting better. Scars heal pretty fast but sometimes the physical part of the injury takes a long time to heal. Have a great week.


  3. Elvira is on amazon prime..hubz has taken a fascination to it lol..I too watched it as a kid…he didnt know she did her own movie in the too is on prime.and we watched it. Hubz is healing thank you..some.nerve damage still, time will tell if permanent, he caught the corner of her pallet bed, it sliced him good. Things are chugging along here..still not on here as often as I had hoped but one day at a time…


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