I saw these cute memes and must share before I get to my last Summerween craft.

My nieces and I made these cute paper mache skulls and cats.

I am not one for colourful Halloween decor ( inside and mostly out is in rustic neutrals) but I had fun doing these and all of us thinking out loud and taking ideas from one another, I believe in letting kids find their own creativness but sharing your ideas is was makes Pinterest so popular, and why I read blogs and run this one, it’s great to share and take ideas.
I will have to find somewhere to tuck these for the year.

All you need is a medium thickness box (like an amazon box) with wide enough pieces to cut out 1 to 3 of each pattern, hot glue, newspaper and some flour with water, I do 1 part flour to 2 parts warm water.
Then some paints and things to use for embellishing, we used buttons,google eyes, pipe cleaners, patterned paper, crocheted hearts, and glitter.
Some string for hanging and a yarn needle.
Click HERE for the skull pattern and HERE for the cat.
Simply trace the printed pattern outline onto your cardboard and cut out 1 to 3 of them, hot glue them on top of each other and proceed to paper mache. I find one layer per side is plenty but feel free to add more, I end up doing the edges twice as I do each side.
Let each side and layer dry 24 hours.
Once your last layer is dry use something sharp to poke a hole at the top for hanging (if you notice 2 do not have holes-leave it hole free if you are not hanging yours) I used a drill, worked great.
Now paint and embellish your piece as desired, use a yarn needle and some yarn to attach your hanging string
To transfer the mouths etc for painting simply scribble a pencil behind the print out and it works like carbon paper, it will be faint on black but noticeable, for lighter coloured projects carbon paper is my go to.
I used tacky glue to adhere the patterned paper and glitter, then hot glue for the other things.
My skull’s mouths I drew lines for a “stitched” mouth, drilled holes at the end of each line, erased the lines, then with a yarn needle added the mouths.
I hope summer was good to you, and you had a chance to pin some Halloween projects to enjoy working on come Fall. I have a few more paper mache projects on the table as we speak, they will be more rustic and “adult” looking hopefully.SUMMERWEEN




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