I Wish this post was filled with how to maintain and repair sewing machines, however the most I know how to do is use compressed air once in awhile on mine and drip some oil down on the moving parts!
One day I am sure I will have to bring my girl in for repairs, or hope someone has a YouTube video on my exact issue!
I purchased her for $80 at a garage sale down the street, the older lady who owned it had recently passed, I was told she barley had a chance to use it, I think of her often when I am using it, I am like that, things like this play on my mind. I also can’t help but think of my own nana who taught me to sew by hand as a child, I hope both are watching over me as I enjoy my journey of learning new projects with it.
Cooper loves to sit behind the machine as I sew, and sneak off with pieces when I am not looking! Ruby lounges not too far away from my desk on the couch.
Our other two cats 5 & 10 years old could care less I am sewing, but if I bring in a new piece of furniture to redo, all of them try and claim it!


Recently I ventured out to make over the shoulder bags with some scrap fabrics and fun fabrics I have in my stash, I love these bags for day trips and garage sales, they hold a lot, are comfy to wear and of course can be made with prints to match the seasons and your personality! I had a pattern in the past I used but I did not like how I could never get the handles to line up properly! So I decided to design my own “easy” pattern
This project is fairly new to me, I did my best to take notes as I went along, and can proudly say I only had the 1st be my “test run” that had to be tossed.
I used scraps to sew together, then make a bag for all our puppy needs when we take them to the park. I also made one with some leftover lemon fabric that I made shopping bags with last year, both turned out great.

bag 1.jpg
This bag doesn’t have squared off corners
I didn’t have enough fabric for the handle so if you notice in the middle of the handle I sewed a piece of pink like the liner.

I don’t have any progress photos and hope I can type out simple directions for you with some photos HERE & HERE
The above photo links are NOT patterns, just reference sheets on cutting and sewing, if you want a pattern I usually use newspaper or craft paper to sketch one out. Make it a 18×17 inch (or 16×15*see NOTE below*) rectangle and use the photo to add the reference notes.
I do 1/2 inch seams, simply use the right side edge of your sewing machine foot as a guide when sewing.
You will need to cut:
1 outer fabric 18 inches wide by 17 inches high ( bottom on the fold)
1 inner fabric 18 inches wide by 17 inches high ( bottom on the fold)
See note below about cutting it smaller if you won’t be squaring off your corners.
A handle 5 inches wide by 43 inches long ( I am 5 feet and this length works for me, you can increase or decrease as needed)
Sew the outer fabric as in photo one above and then follow photo 2 for the inner shell.
Basically you want to sew down both sides of each, except for your inner fabric you need to leave a gap on one side to turn your bag at the very end.
Also once you sew the sides on both your inside and outer fabrics leave the outer fabric inside out but the inner fabric turn it right side out.
For the handle fold your cut piece in half length wise ( like a hot dog lol) and sew down the one side, now flip it inside right, something pokey like a knitting needed helps this process.
You want to iron your handle down now, centering the seam in the middle, now top stitch down both edges of it.
This is the “tricky” part to explain.
You want to line up the seam on the handle with the seam on the inside fabric the best you can, the good side of the inner fabric will be facing the inner ( wrong side) of the handle. Pin it and look at it, you should be looking at the handles good side facing you and the inner fabrics good side under it. Tack it at the edge with the sewing machine.
Wrap the handle down and over to the other side of the inner fabric and repeat ( careful it is not twisted)
Now you want to place you inner fabric inside the outside fabric ( good sides will be facing each other) you will be sewing around the wrong side of the outside fabric.
Sew around , going over the handle area a few times to strengthen it. Take care not to sew the handle anywhere but the ends ( I don’t know how many times I sew things together that shouldn’t be lol)
You want to square off your corners, this sounds harder then it is, my best advice is to You Tube it for a tutorial. For this bag you want to do 2 inches in for your corners.
NOTE FOR NON SQUARED OFF BAGS Alternatively make your bag a little smaller by cutting your pieces 16 inches wide x 15 inches high instead of 18×17.
Now use the gap you left in the liner to pull your bag inside right, hand sew shut the gap, tuck it inside and your bag is done!
Any questions leave me a comment, I hope to maybe have time to take progress photos and update this post in the future, I found pretty fabric thrifting ( its actually a twin bed sheet) and it will be sewn soon into my next bag, for our weekend trip coming up to Niagara Falls.


















  1. I love that you think about the lady who owned the sewing machine – it just makes everything feel like it was suppose to turn out that way. I once moved into a house that a lady had passed away in and she had lovely roses, every time I tended them, I thought of her and it made the whole experience more special and meaningful.

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    • Yes! I had been sewing by hand for months and hubz use to tell me i need a machine. Id think of my nana and how she sewed by hand then he happened to be at that garage sale not too long after…it felt exactly that it was meant to be. It came with her sewing kit too and i sat looking at it all thinking if her and how she used it all once…ok im getting choked up now lol

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  2. So sweet, but the comments with you two are the most touching. You both are taking me back to my Nana days too, I miss her. Your cats are adorable. So funny how our furry family members just love hanging out in the craziest spots.

    Liked by 1 person

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