What a week I had!, I have a few upcoming and some recent posts that thank the universe are prescheduled.

Back in May my lower molar was hurting off and on, and while out of character for me, being the queen of putting things off, I called the dentist for an appointment. My initial appointment with x-rays showed the molar had a bad cavity that needed a root canal.

I ventured off to my root canal appointment, mostly nervous about an IBS flare up while on the chair or the aftermath with my Fibromyalgia, the needles for freezing never crossed my mind, and never in a million years what was about to transpire.

I arrived at the office and headed to the back to be given local freezing, first they used a gel to numb the area before the needle, even with the tiny pinch of the needle I was doing fine.

After the 1st round of freezing I could still feel mostly everything, a second was administered, and this was repeated for a total of 4 rounds of freezing, still I would not freeze.

There was a few explanations as to why, first if there is a bad infection the freezing won’t take ( this did not seem to be the case, I explain further down) or simply for whatever reason my system was flushing it out as quick as it was going in ( this does not surprise me as I have the oddest of symptoms that go along with the disorders I live with)

The dentist began to explain I would need to go to an oral surgeon who would administer freezing to the jaw bone, or worst case I would need general anesthesia.

I immediately felt my eyes welt up and thought

A: I can not wait another month or more with this pain off and on

B: I was in a “coma” temporarily once from general anesthesia, and while I’ve had it once since then, I AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! At that time my room was flooded with doctors and Hospital admins for 2 days once I did wake up, trying to figure out if I was given too much or if I was allergic, their investigation assured me I was not given too much, but was inconclusive as to why they could not wake me up, so while I am sure I sound like a paranoid hypochondriac to many, I’d like to think most can sympathize with me.

My dentist, who I LOVE, could see the fear of uncertainty building in me and opened a dialogue about having the tooth pulled, even if the bone freezing didn’t work enough for a root canal, it may for an extraction.

A few minutes later I had decided I wanted it pulled no questions asked, if he could try I wanted that, he did and when he asked if it hurt, it did, but I gave the thumbs up as to say I’m good keep going! I don’t know in comparison to no freezing at all how much it would hurt, but I can promise it hurt so bad but I just kept my eye on the prize, no more pain!

After being home and the freezing wore off I was uncomfortable but I assumed this was normal, 2 days later on Saturday I was in tears with pain, I hate taking pain medications for many reasons and realized later 200mg even 400 is not enough to curb dental pain, I lived on soup, ice packs,and Advil for a week.

By Tuesday Hubz had me back at the dentist, the good news was I didn’t seem to have dry socket or a noticeable infection ( when it was pulled he was confident even then there was none) I however did have a sliver of garlic from dinner on Friday in there lol, they flushed it out which aggravated it even more. I was put on a higher dose of Advil and antibiotics just in case.

What was causing the pain will remain a mystery, 2 days later I was completely off Advil, and am feeling 100% better now!

I have another cavity ( no root canal needed) on an upper molar, let’s hope this circus doesn’t occur again!

Today I plan on having lots of tea and getting caught up reading and replying. Sorry for anything I’ve missed.

Have a great Monday all, it’s rainy here but I am enjoying the atmosphere of it.


  1. Sorry you had to go through that but glad it turned out ok. I’ve had an adult life time of dental nightmares. I had a root canal go seriously wrong that I ended up in the hospital for two weeks with IV and that was one of several major mishaps. I wish there was no such thing as teeth!! Ouch Ouch Ouch.


    • I havent had a cavity (other then the one wisdom tooth i insisted on keeping 10 yrz ago lol) since before I can remember. The dentist says I have 2 fillings from childhood (they apprently can tell by the shape of my teeth) i hope these 2 cavities are it for a long long time! And the small upper one’s filling goes smoothly. Your nightmare was worse then mine! How awful to go through! I feared the antibiotics wouldnt work as ive become resistant to them because of over use due to kidney issues all my life (last pregnancy i was on them for 3 moths straight at the end just to kinda of sorta help my kidney infection)


  2. That is so scary but I am happy to hear you are back to yourself and the pain is gone. No one should have to live with pain. I would be afraid to go under too, I heard it takes months for those drugs they use to knock us out to leave our system. I hate how the throat feels irritated and it is hard to breath in and out for days after having a tube down you while they operate. You are smart to be afraid.


    • Thank You! its refreshing to not hear the same old, its fine you’ll be fine speech. I think most who say that to me have never gone under, for me its been way to many times and it never got any easier, not being able to wake up was the nail in my coffin of massive fears I had about it all along!


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