There is always a reason to smile, find it, even if it’s not everyday, even if it’s a rare occurrence, find it and smile.

With having so many health issues and sad events in my years to last me a lifetime, I understand how hard it is to smile, and I would never advocate for smiling even if you can’t. Mental Health disorders, depression, and even simple overwhelming moments in our lives prevent smiling, but if I can offer any form of advice from experience it is that if we are capable we should find something, anything to bring a smile over our face.

I use to be, and in many ways still am a smiley kind of girl, but even I have moments where smiling is as hard as breathing under water. I have 4 beautiful children, loved dearly fur babies , a loving Hubz, many reasons to smile, but the reasons not to overshadow them often so I will never advocate for someone to “get over it” by simply smiling.

I however will always advocate for the little things, the simple things, the no need to “have it all” smile. If you are ever struggling because you think the grass is greener somewhere else, or you feel inadequate in comparison to those around you,DON’T.

Whatever makes you smile no matter how big or small or “odd” find it and grasp it.

For me being creative & thrifting (upcycling) brings a smile on.

Here is a picture of a thrifted mirror Hubz and I picked up for our spare room, we had been looking for a vintage looking one in wood for awhile and Hubz saw this one tucked in behind frames. The shelf could not of been more perfect!, it is stamped on the back, handmade in a city not far from ours.

Please ignore the smoke alarm- we have a suspended ceiling so it has to be on the wall SAFTEY FIRST lol

I picked up these faux dandelions a few months back on and they sat on my desk, I thought how cute would they look on the mirror, and it snowballed from there.

I thought to myself this mirror will be used by guests but I will probably avoid it as I don’t like looking at myself often, especially since I have many bad health days. Once I placed the dandelions on it, I grabbed a loose faux sunflower I had to add to it, then added a faux antler to tie in the rustic feel of the room.

It was missing something still, and as I sat looking at it the thoughts of avoiding it still crept in, then it dawned on me, it needs a smile sign to remind me to smile!

I will add different elements to the shelf as the seasons pass, but I think the smile sign will always remain. You can find a tutorial on how I did these HERE and print HERE the smile sign for your own.

On the mirror shelf you can see a little wooden pocket watch, I picked that up recently at a garage sale held by our local pet shelter, we go annually, as for cost,they ask for a donation so it was in our goodies from our $25 donation.

Below are some more garage sale and thrift store finds from the past few months.

Not pictured is a Rae Dunn Joy mug I picked up at the shelter sale as well! It is safely away until Christmas.


This is the wall above my desk, I get to see it almost daily, if I’m not at my desk I am in the spare bed watching Netflix with the fur babies all cuddled up with me, and it helps me smile, especially the sign my SIL had made for me. FAMILY ISN’T WHO’S BLOOD YOU CARRY IT’S WHO YOU LOVE AND WHO LOVE’S YOU BACK. We are all kinds of blended families, but we love like we are blood.

The frames where a thrift find, all 3 for $2, the glass-less craft type you find at Michaels. I mixed black craft paint and isopropyl alcohol to stain them ( brush on and wipe off with a rag) the inserts hopefully look like weathered wood as intended, they are made from cereal box cardboard.

The wicker circles I believe are plate chargers, picked them up at a thrift store 4 for $5, 2 hang by the mirror in the same room.

The metal embroidery hoops have burlap in them, I picked up the hoops for a $1 for both and the burlap at the dollar store.


Here is a lamp we found thrifting, it had no shade, we were looking for one that clips onto the bulb, a month later this one popped up at the shelter sale and I think it fits it perfectly. It is a wooden well pump, I believe from the look of the plug it is from the 70’s maybe 80’s, IT WORKS!

game 1.jpg

game 2.jpg

This gem was sitting on the shelf late one Saturday evening for $3, we like to pop out thrifting early on a Saturday but we have been so busy with yard projects. I couldn’t believe it, and when Hubz opened it to check the pieces he giggled and said I think it’s all here, and showed me how it was all still sealed. It is from the 80’s and I can not wait to play, who else watched the honeymooners? TO THE MOON ALICE!!!!!



I managed to pick up some thrifted and garage sale wool and have been enjoying making drawstring bags with it. You can find the basic pattern HERE for my bags, simply adjust the hook size to the yarn,still following the same pattern for larger and smaller bags, I hope I find lots more this season, vintage yarn makes this girl the happiest.


Who remembers POP SHOPPE POP? I always thought it was a Canadian thing, even perhaps a local thing, an American friend commented on my photo how they too had it where she grew up in New York, I’m curious if anywhere else in the USA had it. There was a few cases full of these at the shelter sale but we took 2 bottles and left the rest. These make me smile because I remember heading to the local corner store with my dad exchanging our empty 750ml bottles of Pop Shoppe for full ones, and me picking out the flavours I wanted! , what I’d give to go back to simpler times and simpler smiles!

Share your smile and how a smile improves your day. Use #NationalSmileDay to share on social media.


















  1. I don’t remember a pop shoppe where I grew up but our country is pretty big just like yours, maybe in was in another state. How fun, I love thrift store shopping. I am always picking up wool yarn too. I can’t crochet though, no matter how much I try. My aunt has tried to teach me since I was a little girl. Loved that mirror too. That shelf will be so pretty for the different holidays as well.


    • I cant knit much more then a scarf lol. I did teach myself to knit in the round and made a few hats and our Chihuahua a sweater, none of which I am sure are done right lol. Crocheting with my bad hand I tend to stick to easier stitches and projects. Have you tried You Tube Tutorials? I know you did mention you are left handed right? I know how hard it was for us to teach our one son who is a lefty even simple things like holding a pencil, fork or scissors.


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