We have been busy dodging this never ending spring rain and colder than seasonal Canadian temperatures to get our yard summer ready.

This year we extended our back floating deck when we took down the trampoline no one used anymore. We also built a raised cedar garden box for vegetables and 2 for chick and hen succulents. We did the usual spring tidying, pruning and landscaping as well.

We are done in time for our first “summer” long weekend coming up. We hope for nice enough weather to sit around our fire and do some barbequing.

You will find me most of the summer on my lawn swing, something about it soothes my mind and soul! We have added a water fountain just beside the swing this year and I can not wait to crochet on the swing beside the running fountain.

To the right is where we extended, you can see the colour difference in wood. The 6 foot x 2 foot garden box behind the swing is going to be a vegetable garden. The rusty fireplace to the back left came out of my parents basement when my brother renovated it. It sits in the corner garden were Hosta, Ferns,Tiger Lilies,& a Lilac Tree that over the years rooted from our back neighbours, grow
I’ve always wanted to plant chick and hens, don’t know what to expect but hoping the box fills up with them!

I washed some toss pillows we had out on the chairs in the Fall and they fell apart, they were just regular indoor toss pillows, and we usually keep them in a deck box but at the end of the season left them out too long in some rain. I kept the clean fluff and in April picked up a thick thrifted curtain and made 4 more pillows for this year, Under $1 each as I had the fluff already.


Here are some of the pillows I made for my lawn swing a few years ago with a thrifted duvet cover, thicker fabrics hold up well outdoors I find as long as they are put away from rain and too much sun.


I drafted this post on some rainy day, with the expectation that on a nice day I would get out to get some pictures, if I was lucky the vegetables would even be planted.

Here’s a behind the scenes moment in my blogging life, today I was outside with our big dog at 11am, It was beautiful out, she and I sat outside for over and hour. Fast forward a few hours, I grabbed my Canon and gathered both dogs to head out for some more sunshine and the pictures I needed for this post. I had just enough time to rush these 4 photos, grab my veggie plants that I take out during the day and bring in at night, and run in with the dogs before the skies opened up! 20% weather network says, 20% chance of 1mm of rain today! LIES!


My old gal I’ve had for over a decade and need to start using again. Thinking next I’ll change out the lens and try to get some back yard bird photos


  1. That is no fun when that happens. MY husband and I got caught out in a rain storm a week ago when we were hiking. A cloud just opened up on us. We got soaking wet too. I still needed to pick some things up at the store on the way home so I walked around grocery shopping looking and probably smelling like a wet dog. I loved those raised garden beds of yours, we need some of those. I also need to cover my toss pillows outside. I picked up a pretty shower curtain at the thrift store, heard they work well for outdoor pillows. You picked really pretty fabrics for your pillows.

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