Who comes up with these things!!!!!!!
Besides the fact that I’m not stepping foot outside my door butt naked unless my house is burning to the ground, I can think of 10 reasons why gardening naked is a bad idea for all.
#10 No pockets for things, I assume a tool apron would render one not “totally naked” and therefore not in FULL observation of the day!
#9 Zero protection from flying debris, have a rock or twig hit you where the sun don’t shine and let me know how wonderful gardening naked is!


#8 Sun burns where the sun shouldn’t shine!, how much sun block would one need to garden naked?! An Amazon Prime or Costco membership would be a must!
#7 I know mud masks are great and all but I’m pretty sure they are for external use only! Imagine dry mud where the sun don’t shine!

#6 We know how hard it is to get our spouses to help out sometimes, they don’t need added distractions!
#5 Our neighbour’s spouses don’t need added distractions!


#4 Most plants say plant in full sun, not full moon!
#3 Is anyone ever really prepared to have their naked gardening pic go viral?

#2 What if you have an accident, the ambulance will arrive long before you get dressed!
#1 Imagine wild life & bugs mistaking certain body parts for an afternoon snack! Or new home!



Doing your weekend gardening in your birthday suit? Use #WorldNakedGardeningDay to share on social media….
Read more HERE


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