NATIONAL PET PARENTS DAY-Meet our fur babies

me and you


chichi tag.png

He was named after we all spent the day tossing names back and forth, it has no meaning other then it seemed to fit him the best. Charley is 10 years old this year, he had to have major jaw surgery February 2016 due to an infection.
We almost lost him, but he is still here with us, healthy! His birthday is in December.



nessie tag

Nessie was a kitten from my in law’s young cat who escaped before her spay and became pregnant. She was named after the baby in Twilight by me, Renesmee. She mothered Charley when he was a puppy, bathing him so much she scratched his eye and he needed a vet visit and eye drops. She will be 10 years old in May.


kitty tag.png

Kitty is our daughter’s kitten, she had named her Oreo, I didn’t think it suited her so I nick named her Ms Kitty. She goes by both Oreo and Kitty. Our adult daughter has since moved out and we felt it best for this black beauty to stay here with her fur friends. DD has a kitten named Binoo now! Oreo just turned 5 years old.


lux tag.png

Lux was adopted a few days after our beloved Gollum passed, we didn’t intend it that way.
We knew we wanted a similar breed again and with new laws being passed then preventing market places from advertising puppies as well as the only local pet store at risk of being banned from selling puppies we started researching to find a collie cross puppy, hubz sent me this picture and my heart melted! I asked where she was and he told me the Pet Store, the rest is history, including the pet store which shortly after was banned from selling live animals and shut down.


Our second youngest son threw out the name Lux as we went back and forth with names for her, our youngest will tell you his brother said it because he loves the video game League Of Legends but when he told me it meant light and I confirmed it with a quick search I knew it had to be her name, our light at the end of a sad time! She just turned 3 years old.


copper tag.png

Cooper was found accidentally online, I was on our local marketplace looking up info for the upcoming Petsmart Adoption weekend and at another local animal rescue, looking to adopt a cat after the passing of our Luna, and when I opened the app there he was! I was in love and I had no idea he was a coon mix, all it read was mama was taken in pregnant by a local family and they were rehoming the kittens! When we went to meet him they told us a Mainecoon looking tom keeps coming around and they believe him to be the dad,and that he may be very large, they were right! Initially our youngest wanted to name him Lynx but a week later he didn’t think it suit him and we changed it to Copper. His last vet visit at 6 months for his neuter had him at 10 pounds, we did our best to weigh him at home and he is now around 15 lbs, can’t wait for his check up to know for sure. He just turned 1 years old.


ruby tagg.png
This little ones story isn’t one we will forget anytime soon. As we celebrated Christmas we knew it was going to be our last with our Zoey dog, who had been fighting Cushings disease for 2 years. We made sure to reinforce to the kids we would not be adopting another dog once she passes, but our son asked if maybe a cat or kitten would be ok and we said yes. After Christmas we were kitten sitting our daughters new kitten and our Cooper was in love with her, we had never seen such a sight, he slept with her, bathed her, just like a mommy. We decided ok let’s do an adoption sooner than later, and this time we were going to adopt from a shelter, even if it took a little while. It didn’t at all, there she was, and she almost wasn’t ours but the family who was approved just before us changed their minds at the last-minute so we happily became her pet parents.
The joy was quickly over shadowed as our youngest broke his collar bone less then 24 hours after we adopted her, and less then a week later our Zoey entered the final stages of her life, that quickly, without warning.
We survived and we nursed this skittish kitten who for the longest time wouldn’t even look at any of us, and now she is a snuggle bug, she has her what we call “DON’T TOUCH ME’ moments still but considering all she went through and we went through she is purrfect! She just turned 6 months old.


gollum 1


Gollum was named by Hubz, after Lord Of The Rings, I didn’t love it at first but now would have it no other way. We adopted him as a 2 month old puppy from a local rescue, Februrary 2004, he and his brother and 2 sisters were found in the middle of winter in a ditch, the girls did not make it. RIP BIG GUY 2003-2016



Zoe was named when we adopted her at 9 months old, July 2008, Hubz boss had taken her in from a family who no longer could keep her, he realized soon she was not a farm dog like his others and so we became this princess’s pet parents. A little after a year she bolted from our backyard and was struck by a car, we almost lost her, the emergency vet gave us the grim news that her lung was collapsed, she had internal bleeding and she very well may lose her arm if she survives the rest. She made it through surgery and we took her home fully accepting she may not pull through, but then, later fighting cushings disease, and the day of her euthanasia, this little girl was a fighter. RIP PRINCESS 2007-2019


Luna was adopted through our local animal shelter as a 2 month old kitten, she was named partly after the cat from Sailor Moon & because the moon was full as we drove home with her. We never once thought we may lose her so soon and so suddenly, last year she began to lose weight rapidly and wouldnt eat, tests came back so perfect it even shocked our vet.

In the end it was suspected she had cancer, she was in pallitive care with us for a few weeks but it was apparent she would not pass on her own and it was a sin to see her suffer, we said good bye with out vets assistance. While we dont rememeber her actual birthday,her gotcha day was the summer of 2004 so she made it to 14 years old before she passed or pretty close. RIP FLUFFY FACE 2004-2018

There is a very special connection, a unique bond, between a pet and its owner. This unique relationship, which can often last for many years, is often a vital part of the ‘pet parents’ life. Their loved pets are considered to be a member of the family……
Read more HERE


  1. Awww…what a sweet post. You have such beautiful furry family members. I even got sad reading about the ones you lost. I think animals keep everyone kind in the world. Wish everyone would love them like family members.


    • I grew up with pets my dad was a huge animal lover who treated them like one of us kids ( we even had pet chickens) I believe every child should have a pet , your right it teaches kindness and love and all the warm fuzzy good stuff. Anyone can attest to how much these babies present and past are treated like family (the kids may even say they are treated better then them lol) i made a video recently of all our pets pics and I had to take breaks from all the crying when it was the ones we lost, the music i added and seeing all their pics was too much to handle


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