April is amputee awareness month, the last Saturday of April is Show Off Your Metal Day, stand loud and proud of it!
Below are 2 of my limbs, below the knee right legs. I have a third but have managed to misplace it, I know you’re wondering how the heck did I manage that? It was an older spare one I use for swimming, it may very well be stored away with summer things.
If all goes well,nothing breaks nor do I gain or lose a ton of weight, I require a replacement every 3 years due to the shape of my residual limb changing.
In the past I’ve had to use glue,duct tape (got married with a mostly white duct taped limb), handmade thicker socks, and even my wheelchair to get me to the 3 year mark(and sometimes beyond), or waiting for a back ordered part for a new one (like in the case of my wedding)
I use a pin system, a silicone liner (sock) goes onto my stump that has a pin (like a screw/bolt) attached to the end, a cotton sock goes over that, and I then step into my click and I’m off.
To remove it there is a release button, I don’t sleep with it, I don’t shower with it & most times when I’m swimming I don’t use it. There are special water limbs, I’ve had them in the past but they are not cheap!
I keep older ones to use when I need or want to be able to stand in water, like at Great Wolf Lodge, we love that place! If not for my spare legs I wouldn’t have enjoyed the many times we visited.
I rock big bold patterned legs.
Once I quickly realized no amount of money ( ok maybe more money then I have maybe) or tech will give others the illusion that this is anything but a prosthetic limb I embraced matching it to my personality instead.
The lost one is bright blue!

As you can see they are pretty beat up, the plaid one is barley 1 years old, while the pink bubbles is almost 10 years old ( my lost blue one 14 years I believe).
The foot on the older one is only 1 years old and not used much so it looks cleaner. If your a leg amputee with a foot cover like me you sadly know how impossible they are to clean, they always turn, and stain black in no time. I am always embarrassed by how my limbs look after a few years but my Prosthetist reminds me it shows I am living life, almost like scars & stamps!
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