My daughter and I are told routinely how we look like twins, funny how she use to have long hair and I short and still “twins” & the same is true now with me rocking long and her short.
With my short hair I must have been told a dozen times or more how I looked like Demi Moore.
Then there was the time in Wal-Mart, a mother had to drag her little girl kicking and screaming from my side when she insisted I was a Spice Girl lol, didn’t bother me but mom seemed so embarrassed.
I will also never forget a childhood friend’s dad who was a dead ringer for Steve Martin!
For fun today I want to share photos of our 2 dogs, I hope they make you smile.

Here is Lux posing her Tom Sellek look:
Here is Charley posing his Mr Bean look:

National Look Alike Day was created by feature television reporter, Jack Etzel, in the 1980s. He was in downtown Pittsburgh with photographer Rick Minutello, desperately looking for a light feature for the news. Rick said, “This guy coming toward us looks like Humphrey Bogart.” He did, cigarette and all. Jack said, “Let’s talk to him……
Read more HERE

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