In honor of POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY, I’m sharing one of my poems ,about my own health struggles.

When I pull strength from my soul
These tears are the devil whispering….
Your life is a black hole
When I stretch a smile, act the norm
These tears are the devil whispering….
No rainbow erases the storm
When I love, then have love returned
These tears are the devil whispering..
This joy you will never really earn
When I break and want to die
These tears are the devil whispering…
No one hears you cry
Dandelion B 2019

Below are pictures of poems I wrote when I was 13, please excuse the tackiness that is the love poem LOL
The other was written with inspiration coming from my awareness of the ever-growing situation of street kids here in Canada in the 90’s, I’m not sure if it is worse, better or the same in 2019, but the words ring true about all homelessness, not the greatest writing but I was 13!
They both are published in a literature book that our region put together back then.

poem 1

poem 2
Memorize a poem or two to share with the people you meet throughout the day. National Poem In Your Pocket Day is the perfect day to share your poem on Social Media using #PoemInYouPocketDay or #PocketPoem……
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  1. Pretty impressive writing for 13! WOW. I had to chuckle at “But keep his hands where they belong” I work with agencies that deal with a lot of homeless youth issues and you’ve captured the experience so well – very touching and no the issue hasn’t really improved since the 90’s – perhaps awareness and improved systems to address things but in terms of numbers, they continue to rise. Beautiful poems – thanks for sharing.


    • Thats to bad, one would hope in 2019 with support and education it wouldnt be as bad! I live near Toronto and I rememeber the term street kids or later on squeegee kids was synonymous with the downtown core, as an adult now I am very aware of the many circumstances that land these kids there and its heartbreaking. Im not sure if I meant keep hos hands of me (good little catholic girl and all lol) or hos hands off others! Thanks, I know by 13 I was in love with poetry I wish I had all my writings from before then and after, I’ve lost almost all of them! Sadly

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