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In our Family we have a Birthday pretty much all year( 4 in December, 2 of which are Christmas Eve & day even my dad’s was then too!), 8 of them are little girls we call our nieces so I designed a unicorn card that you print and embellish with coloured horns and crochet or felt flowers.
Simply print the card HERE on light cardstock, each print makes 2 cards, cut down the middle cut line to separate.

Then use the horn template HERE to cut out a horn from patterned/coloured paper or cereal box cardboard and glued on glitter, and use a glue stick to attach it between the ears ( hot glue if you use cardboard) LINE UP THE TIP OF THE HORN TO THE DOT PRINTED ON THE TOP OF THE CARD
Then simply hot glue crocheted/felt flowers between the ears.
Print off the inserts HERE and use a glue stick to attach on the inside of the card just at the top. ( there is 2 birthday and 2 blank inserts)

uni card.jpg
I purchased these envelopes HERE that fit these perfectly (4.38 x 5.75 inches), you can simply use wrapping paper to give it as a gift with some money or gift card.
I have had this bow template for many years but do not have the link for it so you can click HERE to print it. I cut regular construction paper down to printer sized paper and print it right on there.
Cut out all the pieces.
Take the large piece with the tabs and fold inward ( to form a bow, careful not to crush the bow, you want to gently fold the tabs down into the centre only) hot glue the tabs down
Now Place that piece folded center down, on top of the smaller piece of the bow
Use the little strip to create a bow center, hot gluing at the back, and hot gluing the finished bow to your envelope or wrapping paper.

Click HERE for the crochet flower pattern, I use embroidery floss for these tiny flowers.


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