une poutine

Full Disclosure, I had to google translate my title, my French is a little rusty these days, but I wasn’t far off!

In 2019 I assume Canada is synonymous with Poutine, along side igloos,beavers, and now legalized weed!

It’s been forever and a day since Poutine was mostly a Quebec thing , but we must say MERCI to that province for this creation.

Something tells me today the country will be smoking up and munching on Poutine, in our Igloos with our pet beavers, this house will just be skipping over to just enjoying our Poutine.

In case you don’t know what a Poutine is, a simple dish that’s oh so yum, french fries topped with gravy and cheese (curds traditionally)

There are many variations on a Poutine now, but the classic will always be my favourite.

Some of my favourite fast food Poutines are:


Burger King

Mary Browns Fried Chicken ( made with taters of course)

I don’t know where I picked up this habit but I enjoy vinegar over my Poutine, usually only on BK and A&W Poutines, never on my tater Poutine and hardly on my homemade ones.

One of my favourite non traditional Poutine is Crabby Joe’s Loaded Fries made with cheese, sour cream, ranch, BACON & green onions.

One of our family’s favourite non traditional Poutine is my creation, inspired by Crabby Joe’s loaded fries and us always having leftover taco meat.

Fries topped with warm taco meat, grated cheese, green onions and 3 cheese ranch dressing

If you’ve never tried one, today is a perfect day to do so.



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