5 Things I Have In Common With Younger Me

The other day hubz and I were flicking through You Tube watching some retro tv shows for fun, one of them was The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein. For my Canadian friends you probably know the show, others may as well, from my understanding it did air around the world, in syndication up until the late 90s, even though it was a short-lived production in the early 1970’s so it was all reruns. I read a reproduction is in the works!
If you’re a fan of Vincent Price and have never heard of the show, I think it’s worth a peek.
Watching the episodes I said out loud, it’s no wonder I love Halloween so much, this show and The Munsters were as much part of my childhood as neon colours.
While I don’t know for sure this is why I love Halloween so much, it is the only contribution to my love affair I can recall, I mean I love playing dress up, who doesn’t, but for me its much more than dress up.
That brought me to thinking about all the other things I LOVE, and how many times I’ve been asked, why cows?
As long as I can remember I have loved animals, many cats & dogs of course have traveled with me in this journey of life, but almost as long as I can remember I have loved cows too, black and white Holsteins!
So as part of a Throwback Thursday here are 5 Things I Have In Common With Younger Me:
1: No surprise I LOVE HALLOWEEN
My guess is it stems from all the years of watching The Muntsters & The Hilarious House Of Frightensteinhhof
My kitchen is adorned by them and has been for 20+ years. I remember at age 12 falling in love with a cow stationary set in the Avon catalogue, my mom ordered it for me and that started it all. A fun fact my neighbour loves them too, when we moved here 20+ years ago I couldn’t believe it.holstein-cow-standing-on-turquoise-dottie-dracos
My love of Hockey isn’t and never has been that great but how I ended up being the girl who loves Patrick is a great love story.
13 years old, my first love, to impress that boy who loved hockey, this girl randomly picked The Montreal Canadiens & Patrick Roy to be a fan of, not so much as randomly picked as I fell in love with his style in the net and his cute face lol.
I recall my boyfriend loving the Philadelphia Flyers,ironically hubz loves them too.
From 13 on,and still now, I’ve been gifted, and collect Patrick Roy memorabilia. I followed him through his career, becoming a Coloradao Avalanche fan when he was traded, and now barely watching a single hockey game since he retired.roy
Perhaps my children will love music of their generation as well but I’d like to think the music from the 80’s influenced me into the individual I am, artists like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Boy George always beat to their own drum, much like I always have. I was the girl who always had super short hair as a teen and most of my adult life, even spiking it up high and proud.
Breaking stereo types that short hair was for boys or gay girls, I loved it and I rocked it, but often I was bullied for it, but on the flip side it weeded out the friends, boys and men I needed not waste my time on, and allowed me to know what its like to be loved for being me. It’s long now but getting here was so hard I dont know if I’ll ever cut it short again, but I do miss that unique piece of me at times.
I can not count the times I was told by friends, family and boys/men how pretty I would be if I didn’t have such short hair ( think almost, and at times as short, as Sinead O’Connor, mostly because I have thick curly hair and if it wasnt short short I’ve always felt like someones mom. I learned to cut my own hair because when I left the salons it was never short enough and I always looked like the “mom”. I also loved the nearly shaved look, they call it the pixie now)
For anyone reading this young or old who is being bullied for your individuality, ignore them, anyone giving “advice” that crushes your individuality needs to find some of their own in my opinion, they shouldnt and won’t matter in the grand scheme of things you call life.

80's music.jpg
Almost as often as I was told I should grow my hair out, I was told I should stop wearing so much black. As a teen one would think it was a rebellious time for me, black clothes like my soul type of thing, and back then I may have even bought into that notion, but here I am in my mid 40’s and unless it’s a neon colour ( which I’d pair with black of course) it usually doesn’t make it into my wardrobe.
I sometimes enjoy polka dots, tie dye, neon ( bright colours) and the occasional “unique” item of clothing or accessory other than black, I have even expanded to adding grey and white splashes to my wardrobe, but mostly it is still BLACK.
Our house isn’t painted black lol, however it is mostly a neutral pallet, greys and browns everywhere, much like black, it soothes my mind.

I had this exact shirt

For future me I will note that now…..
In my mid 20’s I was hit with panic attacks.
Even before the attacks I then loved burning incense, the house was always filled with exotic scents, my favourite being still Dragon’s blood ( it is a tree) When traditional medication left me a zombie and with added symptoms to the depression and panic attacks I started learning meditation and exploring all things “alternative” I was lucky, for me it worked when no “traditional” thing did. Even to this day with all my health issues, I turn to anything natural or alternative, medicine, beliefs and treatments.

d blood.png

I never have liked flowers, but when I seen these strange-looking things in vibrant purple and pinks I then had a flower to like. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS TOO, I think that is because in many cow pictures you see them, regardless of why, I do love the bright yellow things.
Speaking of yellow things, I LOVE DANDELIONS, if you read here why my blog is called what it is you can probably guess why they now are one of my favourites even more than when I was a young mom, I am now searching high and low for dandelion things.
Fun note, hubz and I have matching purple orchid tattoos on our arms, the only flowers I will ever need as a wife.

Couldn’t for the life of me tell you why I love owls, I have however loved them for a good decade, I am grateful that for most of the things I love I have a story to go with it, I wish this was true for all things but sadly it is not. Locally they do an owl walk a few times a year and I am yet to get out to one but hope to one day.
Speaking of walks, have you ever done a bat walk? here they do them ( or at least did) where bat experts set up nets to capture and tag bats, I had no idea bats lived literally in my own backyard. We got to sit at dusk and watch the bats fly above out of the trees they had been sleeping in, what a gorgeous sight. Through the night we walked in the forest with flashlights observing them, once the net caught some, the experts would then tag them and we got to see them up close, cutest little bugs I tell ya! So ever since I LOVE BATS!

owl bat
I have always loved history, life’s past stories, my elders could tell me stories for days and I would be engaged happily. I think I ( we) collect retro and vintage things partly because of its history and story to someone out there, as well as a way to preserve our childhoods in this fast paced world, I swear I blinked and I went from 13 to 40.

Some of our retro things

There you have it, the things that make up me, my loves and the stories behind them, do you have any loves that have a story behind them?



  1. What a fun post. We had the Munsters show here in the USA when I was a little girl, I loved it. I remember listening to Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatard, the police, Cars, etc….loved the 80’s bands. I also went through a black stage but have since change everything to white, I do that sometimes though. I am always changing things up, it does drive my husband and kids crazy a little.


    • Since getting sick i dont have the energy to be a creature of change like i use to be. But i too use to drive hubz crazy. One day he came home and I had the living room carpet all ripped up and announced..hi honey we are installing hardwood flooring lol. White is not my friend I am also very clumsy..i wear almost everything i eat…


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