Dollarama Craft Eggs Review & Décor Ideas

It’s no secret I am a huge Dollar Store fan, especially for crafts and décor, but lets face it not all cheap things are created equally, and regardless if it was only a $1 it turns out to be a waste of that $1.

I’ve seen these eggs for at least a couple of years at Dollarama, and similar ones at places like Walmart and other dollarstores.

My first thought, plastic, useless to paint unless you use chalk paint or spray paint, not very child friendly nor budget friendly unless you have that paint on hand already, so I kept passing them by, until this year.

I picked up 2 packs, each a dozen eggs, one pack labeled as craft eggs “paintable” and the other came with dye to dye that dozen, the one without dye was $2 and with $2.50.

I think they all came with the same colours of dye but it was hard to tell what they were in the package, mine ended up being pink, yellow, teal, and blue, I tossed the pink because I had plans for were these would go and pink wasn’t a colour I needed, I did debate an 80’s Easter craft, but passed.

I first took the “paintable” eggs, they seem like the exact same eggs as in the dye pack,  plastic but have a chalky like surface, I wanted some neutral eggs for a metal bird cage I have and so I painted a bunch in brown and grey.

I simply brushed on acrylic craft paint and let them sit on a puppy pad ( I love these for crafts, blue side up) for 2 minutes ( any longer and the paint does start to dry) then I took a dry cloth and wiped and “sanded” the paint for a rustic look. I’m pleased, the brown however does show more of streak lines than the grey. I think they are great for matching to your décor and definitely great for kids to paint as a Spring/Summer craft.



The metal cage is garage sale find $2

The bowls my neighbor gave me some salad bowls I chalk painted

The red wood balls are a Value Village find $2


Onto the dye ones, before I forget let me suggest you pick up a pack of rubber gloves when you’re at the dollar store getting these eggs, I’m still rocking stained cuticles a week later, funny part is I always have rubber gloves on hand, but like I never put on my painting clothes to paint, I never put on the gloves either lol.

The Instructions say to put an egg in one of the baggies provided and add a few drops of dye and swish around, I’m glad I didn’t go rogue when I thought to myself that’s never going work, I need to dunk these!



You want to roll the egg inside the bag until it is well covered by the dye, and a few drops does the job well.

I have these paint pallets from Dollar Tree and I found they made great stands for the eggs to drip dry. The instructions say to put them back in the egg tray and rotate often until dry, this is were I did go rogue, I waited 2 minutes again like my painted ones and wiped them down with a dry cloth, and they turned out AMAZING.





Basket is a Value Village find $2

Faux Lavender are 2 bunches- $1.25 each from Dollarama

Metal Tools are a Value Village find $2

Ladder made by us, tutorial here



Springs are a Value Village find $3 for the set

Nests are from Micheals $4.50 each ( bust out a coupon and get them for 40 or 50 off)

Dream Catchers are DIY kits from Dollarama, I added the fabric scraps


So there you have it my first review, and probably not my last, it was fun.

Paint and dye your own faux eggs from Dollarama, a great product to craft with for kids and for your Spring & Summer décor.















  1. Love the colors you picked. I am on my way out the door to Michael’s now and the dollar store. I haven’t been online for awhile. I always have pre-posts schedules ahead of time for the times I am offline. I have a lot of catching up to do. Have a great weekend and I love all these cool craft ideas, keep having fun making things and I hope you feel better too.


    • Today/tomorrow is our Costco shopping trip, it is across from a Value Village and we always stop in. Then of course I see a 50 off coupon in my inbox for micheals and I see miniatires are 60% off so I will have to try and stop in. Also need more jersey knit ribbon/yarn I found last week at the dollar store that I used for my drawstring bags and want to stock up and more.
      I am here getting caught up on reading blogs too before our weekend starts, its FRIYAY!


  2. Do you have children’s Easter card templates? I can’t remember if it was you or not who had some for Valentine’s Day and I asked you if I could use them but I need some Easter ones for the children I work with,


    • Hey sorry just saw this, crazy times for everyone and we adopted a pully and i am dealing with some health issues. I dont have any Easter cards shared I dont believe, sorry but will add it to my list to try and come up with


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